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Letter to the Editor: Harley Rouda Empty Chair Debate

Harley Rouda recently streamed a theatrical “empty chair debate” where he again posed as a reach-across-the-aisle moderate, the way he first campaigned for office, while neglecting a few facts.

(1) He votes 100% with Nancy Pelosi and 92% with AOC.
(2) Though mildly criticizing California’s job-destroying AB5 he supports HR 2474 “PRO Act” which is essentially a federalized version of AB5.
(3) If he is pro-business and pro-police, why is he supported by the Teamsters and our local anti-police activist groups? (4) How does he square his reach-across-the-aisle image with his “F-off” tweets to Mitch McConnell?

Congressman Rouda ran in this relatively conservative district as a moderate but has acted as a reliable foot soldier for the left in Washington. Now he is trying the same trick again. As the old saying goes, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Curiously, as he began to speak a gust of wind blew the American flag off the stage. Let’s hope that’s not a sign of what a Rouda reelection would mean.

Russ Neal
Huntington Beach


  1. Rouda is good friends with Rashida Tlaib (Detroit), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), IIhan Omar (Minneapolis), Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (Brooklyn), Cori Black (St. Louis), Jamaal Bowman (Bronx). Look these names up on Wikipedia and youtube and see what these Communists in today’s Democratic Party are saying. Look up Karen Bass. Do you research people before you blindly cast your vote for Rouda and the Democratic ticket this year. The Democratic Communists are taking over the Democratic Party. Look at their policy positions. llhan Omar always talking [email protected] about the United States of America. She hates the Constitution, The Flag of the United States of America, hates the Christian God, etc……………. Do your research on the Democratic Party of today and don’t vote blindly. Nancy Pelosi is the leader of these Democratic Communist House of Representatives. Don’t be someone who believes what the television says to you or Hollywood or what other Democrats tell you. Be a independent critical thinker. Vote Donald Trump 2020 and Michelle Steel 2020.

    This article was edited to lightly disguise foul language. Please find a way to express your thoughts without the use of foul language.

  2. Wake up folks. The democrats agenda is punishing small business and driving high achievers out of state. Less achievers less tax revenue. Less tax revenue means higher taxes will be imposed. To a population that is already over taxed. #whoisjohngalt

  3. Stop the Democrats from destroying our country – the Green New Deal, supporting illegal immigration, supporting BLM and Antifa, defunding the police, supporting activist judges, increasing taxes, not supporting freedom of speech and gun rights, supporting abortion, trashing our voting system – and vote Republican up and down the ticket.

  4. Rep Rouda has to go!!!
    Democrat supported violence is taking place all across the United States. The only way to stop it is by voting REPUBLICAN!!!!

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