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Letter to the Editor: Thieves steal donations to Precious Life Shelter

Dear Editor,

I am reaching out to the community for assistance with a problem that has been occurring at Precious Life Shelter.

No trespassing.

First, thank you to the community for your ongoing support of Precious Life Shelter of Los Alamitos, especially during the pandemic. As many know, since 1989 Precious Life Shelter has taken in pregnant and homeless mothers. We are an emergency, transitional, and single parent efficiency program providing a safe environment for the pregnant woman with no place to live.

There aren’t enough words to show our appreciation for the kindness and support of Los Alamitos residents and those in surrounding cities who donate clothes and items to be sold in our thrift shop (3622 Florista Street, Los Alamitos). Those donations support the pregnant women and their children who are temporarily living at the shelter.

But people are stealing your donations!

Posted signs outside the donation area ask donors NOT to leave items when there are no volunteers to receive them. Sadly, clothes and items left outside our doors during off hours are often taken by thieves. Moreover, these thieves frequently trash everything in the process and what remains is in such bad shape it must be discarded.


Please share with your friends and neighbors that donations should only be made during business hours, which is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. Even during those hours, make sure a volunteer accepts your generous contribution.

Our surveillance cameras are capturing photos including license plates of cars and trucks that come by after hours and STEAL donated clothes and items. Some people come every night to steal items meant to be sold to help pregnant women and children.

Thank you to Orange County Breeze readers for spreading the word. It is most important that donations reach their destination to support the women and children they are intended to help.


Theresa E. Murphy
Executive Director
Precious Life Shelter

Precious Life Thrift and Gift shop in Los Alamitos. Photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.
Precious Life Thrift and Gift shop in Los Alamitos. Photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.

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  1. The West Orange County RWF will be holding a Rally this Saturday, September 26 at 11151 Los Alamitos Blvd. Part of our rally is asking for donations to Precious Life. WE are accepting gift cards (any amount) and unwrapped baby items that a new mother might need.
    We will be there between 10am – 2pm.
    Also, a letter to sign to Gov. Newsom about the new law to allow sex offenders to not be put on the sex offenders list if they have assualted a minor less than 10 years younger than the offender. Really Newsom petitions are also available to sign and Blue Ribbons for the public to purchase to tie around their tree in support of Law Enforcement!

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