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Weather in northwest Orange County for Friday, September 25, 2020:


Patchy fog before 11am. Otherwise, partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 80. Light and variable wind becoming southwest 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.


Patchy fog after 11pm. Otherwise, increasing clouds, with a low around 62. South wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Highs are expected to remain in the mid 80s until the new week, when highs are expected to rise into the low to mid 90s.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1775 British troops capture Ethan Allen, the hero of Ticonderoga, when he and a handful of Americans try to invade Canada.
  • 1789 Congress proposes 12 new amendments to the Constitution.
  • 1804 The 12th Amendment is ratified, changing the procedure of choosing the president and vice-president.
  • 1846 American General Zachary Taylor’s forces capture Monterey, Mexico.
  • 1847 Birth of Vinnie Ream, who sculpted President Abraham Lincoln from life shortly before he was assassinated.
  • 1909 The first National Aeronautic Show opens at Madison Square Garden.
  • 1931 Birth of Barbara Walters, television news personality and interviewer.
  • 1938 President Franklin Roosevelt urges negotiations between Hitler and Czech President Edvard Benes over the Sudetenland.
  • 1942 The War Labor Board orders equal pay for women in the United States.
  • 1959 President Dwight Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev begin Camp David talks.
  • 1974 Scientists warn that continued use of aerosol sprays will cause ozone depletion, which will lead to an increased risk of skin cancer and global weather changes.
  • 1981 Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice, is sworn in.
  • 1992 NASA launches Mars Observer probe; it fails 11 months later.
  • 2009 US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy jointly accuse Iran of building a secrecy nuclear enrichment facility.