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Senator Patricia Bates issues statement on deputy-involved shooting in San Clemente

Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement after a fatal deputy-involved shooting occurred in San Clemente:

“Yesterday was a sad day for our community. As we mourn the life of Kurt Reinhold and express our concern about his death and concern for the deputies involved, we have the right to seek answers, and the responsibility to ensure a thorough investigation proceeds.

“These are especially challenging times for our communities and law enforcement, as officers are called on to make difficult decisions each day. The loss of human life is never a good outcome.

“OC Sheriff Don Barnes has worked hard to build trust in our communities. I have spoken with him regarding the shooting and he is committed to a transparent process as the OC District Attorney’s office conducts its investigation.”

This article was released by the Office of Senator Patricia Bates.


  1. If you watch and listen to the ABC and CBS videos, you can hear the officer screaming repeatedly “he’s got my gun!”

    You also will hear he was walking through traffic on a busy street, the officers got him out of the street, and were offering him free services, but he refused. The deceased man’s family told the media he had a history of mental illness.

    1. AGAIN…there was a failure to properly deescalate and use non-lethal weapons. There should never be a time when a member of Law Enforcement ‘allows’ a Civilian to have access to his or her weapon. Same common sense rule applies to us in the Military.

  2. These officers senselessly murdered a man on the side of a busy street. You shouldn’t be focusing your sympathy and “concern” for officers who do not know how to properly deescalate a situation. Murder is unacceptable, but obviously in Orange County, it’s just “a difficult part of [the officers] day”. There was no reason to keep touching him, especially with the racial tensions between police & the black community at this time. Your officers, in less than 5 minutes, took the life of an innocent man. For what? To be sick pigs, and get paid leave (AKA a vacation for taking someones life). Its disgusting how Orange County, especially Patricia Bates, handled this. You are part of the reason this country’s people, POC or not, male or female, do not trust our law enforcement. Rest easy Kurt Reinhold.

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