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Reps. Correa and Budd introduce bipartisan legislation to create ADA business website compliance standards

On Friday, October 2, Congressmen Lou Correa (D-CA) and Ted Budd (R-NC) introduced the bipartisan Online Accessibility Act, which creates guidance to help businesses ensure their website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This bill will increase website accessibility and reduce predatory lawsuits filed against businesses.

Rep. Lou Correa said, “A predictable regulatory environment is critical for small businesses. Unfortunately, when it comes to website compliance, these regulations aren’t clearly defined. This bill ensures that small businesses know what they need to do to be ADA compliant. It’s a simple, bipartisan, and common-sense solution that will put this problem behind us.”

Rep. Budd said, “Last year, over 2,000 website accessibility lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs alleging that certain websites were not ADA compliant. This bill solves the problem by providing guidance to businesses on how to bring their websites into compliance. If our bill is passed, job-creators will be able to avoid costly lawsuits and be given a roadmap for how to help their disabled customers access online content.”

American Bankers Association said, “Bankers strongly support making websites easily accessible to the disabled community. We support the “Online Accessibility Act,” because it would bring legal clarity to the treatment of business websites under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and at the same time helps stem the tide of frivolous demand letters and lawsuits that do nothing to make websites more accessible.”

Read the bill here (pdf).