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Titanium Healthcare hosts special outdoor Open House at Ocean Pacific Primary Care

Titanium Healthcare, Inc, a leading national provider of high-risk patient programs, conducted an “open air house” on Saturday at its recently acquired location in Cypress, CA. Formerly known as Ocean Pacific Primary Care, the practice will benefit from Titanium’s proven people, processes and technology to create a differentiated level of care for patients there. Patients enrolled in the program will receive superior support programs and care coordination services that will help them succeed in their healthcare environment.

“We wanted to introduce the community to Titanium and to show them what we’re all about.” said Gray Miller, CEO and founder of Titanium Healthcare. “We strive to make a better Primary Care experience through dedicated support programs, longer appointment times and superior providers. We were delighted to see Mayor Rob Johnson and Council Member Stacy Berry at the event and in support of our efforts”.

“The community of Cypress is delighted to welcome groups like Titanium who are trying to create better patient care and a difference in people’s lives,” notes Cypress mayor Rob Johnson.

Titanium Healthcare is using its proprietary software platforms to support members through telehealth visits, in person and at home care to make sure patients get the highest level of support. Additionally, Titanium’s professionals will leverage care management techniques to all its members to provide assistance in navigating their healthcare environment.

The event was also attended by a national celebrity called “Albert on Wheels”. Albert has nearly 120,000 followers on Instagram and built a following based on his hardships in life. Albert was left in a ditch in Arkansas as a puppy after being paralyzed from the waist down, presumably a car. Many people came from the greater Los Angeles area to meet him. Albert can be followed on Instagram at @albertonwheels.

About Titanium Healthcare®
Titanium Healthcare Inc is a cutting-edge healthcare organization that delivers savings to hospital systems, health plans IPAs though risk-share relationships, in-depth analytics, care coordination and clinical intervention. We currently service and consult the major healthcare entities throughout California and have achieved less than 3% readmission rates and over 99% patient satisfaction through 8 locations. Our patients can visit us at any one of our Titanium Healthcare clinics. For more information about our innovative model, please visit the Company’s website at tihealthcare.com.

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Representatives from Titanium Healthcare and the City of Cypress celebrate Titatium’s new location in Cypress. Courtesy photo.
Representatives from Titanium Healthcare and the City of Cypress celebrate Titatium’s new location in Cypress. Courtesy photo.