featured graphic for Cynthia Tracker, candidate for California Assembly District 65 during COVID-19

Cynthia Thacker asks: “Why does Quirk-Silva and Democrats want to dictate how companies should run their business?”

Cynthia Thacker. Courtesy photo.
Cynthia Thacker. Courtesy photo.

Once again demonstrating that Democrats want to control every facet of an individual or corporation’s life, California Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva voted yes on AB-979 that requires publicly held domestic or foreign corporations whose principal executive offices are in the state to have directors from under-represented groups. These companies have until 2022 to make the hires. Failure to meet the requirements would result in fines. Gov. Newsom signed the bill into law on Sept. 30.

“In theory, it sounds wonderful that under-represented groups sit on boards and provide input based on their personal and professional experiences,” said Cynthia Thacker, Conservative Republican candidate filed to run for California State Assembly in the 65th district. “However, in time we will see that Quirk-Silva’s support for AB-979 is just another progressive intrusion that does more harm than good.”

Thacker pointed to the bill’s list of who Democrats define as under-represented. “Quirk-Silva and liberal Democrats in Sacramento included in this bill a list of who they believe are under-represented. That could cause problems once this law becomes effective. For instance, what if two people from that list, each with equal qualifications based on experience and education, are vying for a sole director chair? Is it now Native American versus Native Hawaiian? Or Lesbian versus transgender? Or Hispanic versus African American? Will the under-represented candidate who isn’t hired seek resolution in the courts? And, taking it a step further, what if the best candidate is a white, Christian male?”

Instead of focusing on how corporations run their board of directors, Thacker said Quirk-Silva and other Democrats should focus on more important issues facing California such keeping the lights on due to the state’s electric grid problems. “If that isn’t enough of a challenge, Quirk-Silva can focus on how Democrats routinely raise our taxes just to throw money at problems such as homelessness, opioid addiction and mental illness without ever solving the problems.”

Standing by a closed business, Thacker asked, “Why doesn’t Quirk-Silva focus on bread-and-butter issues that are important to the people of 65th District? If you randomly asked 100 people in this district what are their top concerns, filling board of director positions would not be on their list.”

“The Republican Party supports equality of opportunity while the Democratic Party wants equality of results,” Thacker explained. “This will just be another nail in the business coffin as employers relocate to states with common sense laws and regulations. When employers move, many employees move, too. Once again, Quirk-Silva supports a new regulation that will drive more businesses out of the state and when businesses move, many employees go with them.”

In between phone calls to registered Republicans, Thacker shared that she is running a unique grassroots campaign that focuses on the people in the district. “All the enthusiasm is with President Trump and that will help elect Republicans down ticket. Californians are watching in horror as Democrat-led cities become scenes of unrelenting violence by socialist leaning organizations. District 65 residents rightfully worry if that kind of violence could happen in our cities. Enthusiasm and getting out the vote are how Republicans will win in 2020!”

This article was released by Cynthia Thacker for State Assembly.