melissa fox

Melissa Fox reacts to Steven Choi’s decision to not support SB 852

Irvine Councilwoman Melissa Fox released the following statement reacting to Assemblyman Steven Choi’s refusal to support SB 852, a common-sense bill that will lower costs and increase access to life-saving prescription medication by bringing California closer to establishing its own generic drug label.

“My opponent is bankrolled by Big Pharma. That’s why he’s okay with higher drug prices and refused to support legislation to lower drug costs and increase access to life-saving treatments. And this isn’t the first time, he’s repeatedly voted to take away our healthcare and advance his dangerous anti-science views. From his repeated refusal to fund pandemic preparedness, to his shameful anti-vaxxer views, to his refusal to support a mask mandate, Steven Choi is an extremist when it comes to our healthcare. In contrast, I listen to scientists, pushed for a mask order in Irvine, and have worked tirelessly to provide personal protective equipment to frontline workers. He’s on the side of Big Pharma. I’m on your side. The 68th District deserves better than Extremist Steven Choi.”

This article was released by Melissa Fox for State Assembly 2020.