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Letter to the Editor: Reducing voter fraud

Dear Editor:

I am really concerned about ballot harvesting and counting ballots after the polls are closed. The Constitution gives us the date that we have elections. Judges have been extending that date so there might be loopholes people can find to come up with the numbers to win. I believe that is what happened in our last election.

There is a way to stop that at the Federal level since the voting rules are made up by the states. The President needs to have an executive order that all ballots to be counted and included for federal offices, (the President, all Congressional offices and all Senate offices) will not be counted if they do not arrive at the constitutionally mandated deadline. The state then can receive and count additional ballots after that time for their state and local office and include them in the count. Late ballots will not be included in the national election totals.

I served 20 years in the military. When I retired after 20 years I went to my registrar of voters in my town to find out how many times my vote had been counted. It turned out my votes were never counted. The Registrar of Voters counted military votes only if the elections were close. The state was not California.

George A. Kuck, Ph.D.
Major, USAF Retired


  1. The California ballots were mailed on Monday, Oct 5 and already there are multiple reports of delivery of ballots to residences for people who no longer live there. In some incidences there have been multiple ballots just languishing in open areas of apartment buildings, just ripe for malfeasance. This (and legalizing ballot harvesting) are two of the worst ideas of the California Democrats ever – to mail a ballot to every single registered voter, many times using old, outdated addresses. Some ballots have been sent to addresses where the addressee hasn’t lived in a residence for 6 years. I’m sure we will hear more horror stories as the days wear on. This is only day 3. Do the Democrats feel that if they can’t win an election fair and square they can steal it?

  2. I agree. Everyone I know who has voted via absentee ballot for years will be voting in person this election. The best thing we can do is make the victory spread very large so it will be harder for Democrats to do their shenanigans. Do not bring your absentee ballot when you vote in person. The last thing you want to do is have a pile of empty ballots sitting around the voting center waiting for some dishonest person to fill them out. Vote in person!

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