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Community opportunity to participate in Virtual EIR Scoping Meeting for Vessels Circle multifamily home project

The City of Cypress (City) will be holding a Virtual EIR Scoping Meeting for a proposed multi-family unit residential development on Vessels Circle on Thursday, October 8, 2020 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The City is the Lead Agency responsible for preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) addressing potential environmental impacts associated with the Cypress Town Center Project (proposed project). The proposed project is located on an approximately 7-acre site (project site) south of Vessels Circle and west of Walker Street in the City of Cypress, California.

In its existing condition, the project site is a parking lot with asphalt paving, six overhead light poles, and a 60-feet wide strip of ornamental trees, palm trees, and grass/shrubs on the north portion. The project site is bounded on the north by the Los Alamitos Race Track, on the west by surface parking lots, on the south by a Costco and a vacant parking lot approved for the Cypress City Center mixed-use development, and on the east by a two-story office building.

The proposed project includes the development of a portion of the Los Alamitos Race Course parking lot area into a residential multi-family community consisting of 135 dwelling units consistent with the Cypress Town Center and Commons Specific Plan 2.0 (Specific Plan). The 135 multi-family residential homes would include two types of multi-family units: 56 two-story condominiums in four buildings arranged around motor courts in the center portion of the project site; and 79 three-story row townhomes located along the outer portions of the project site.

The layout of the proposed project is a paseo-style community with a central large open space area that would include a pool and landscaped areas for other active and passive recreation uses. The proposed project also includes an off-site swale south of the project site that would direct overflow from the proposed on-site drainage facilities towards Winners Circle. Access to the project site would be provided via a driveway from a proposed extension of Vessels Circle to the north of the project site.

Additionally, the proposed project includes an off-site, 200-foot-long bioswale to treat drainage from the proposed Vessels Circle extension.

Instructions for participating in the virtual meeting will be published 72 hours prior to the Public Scoping Meeting at the following location on the City’s website:

Further details on the project are available in the Public Notice of Preparation of the Draft EIR.

This article was based on information released by the City of Cypress.