St. Catherine's Academy in Anaheim was founded in 1889 by Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose as an independent Catholic school with a military tradition.

St. Catherine’s Academy students pleased to return to on-campus learning

Students and teachers of St. Catherine’s Academy (SCA), an all-boys Catholic school with a military tradition are enjoying being back on campus for almost a month of in-person learning since the commencement of the pandemic last March. It has been a lot of joy for students, teachers and staff and everyone looks forward to continuing with a strong and healthy year ahead.

The 130-year-old school campus located in the heart of Anaheim has adhered to all CDC regulations and has taken additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of its school community. Students and staff are asked to keep their masks on, maintain social distancing and wash their hands various times throughout the day.

St. Catherine’s placed 6 (six) double-sided portable handwashing stations throughout campus and installed new windows, UV sterilization lamps in all classrooms. In addition, SCA placed a body temperature kiosk, plexi glass shields and touchless hand sanitizers to the school offices. Fog disinfecting and sanitation of classrooms, play equipment, restrooms, door handles and stair railings are implemented every 2 hours.

St. Catherine’s well-known military program has been very beneficial to ensure the safety of the students. The structure has helped create the upmost safety for the school.

“I am so proud of all of our staff and students for their commitment to following all safety procedures. We couldn’t be happier to have our students back on campus and look forward to a healthy year,” said Sister Johnellen, SCA Administrator/Principal. “We are also so thankful for our generous donors for providing us with so many resources to help us stay healthy.”

SCA spent a great deal of time planning and preparing its campus for reopening for months and months with the priority of providing a safe learning environment. For more questions about St. Catherine’s Academy, please visit: or call (714) 772-1363. St. Catherine’s Academy was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose in 1889. It is an independent Catholic school with a military tradition for boys in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The school offers both day and 5-day and 7-day resident programs.

This article was released by St. Catherine’s Academy.