featured graphic for Frances Marquez for Cypress City Council during COVID-19

Meet Frances Marquez, candidate running for Cypress City Council

Frances Marquez stands among the wide field of candidates running for the two open seats on the Cypress City Council.

According to the biography on her website, she has lived in Cypress since 1974 and attended Damron, Vessels, Lexington Junior High, and Cypress High School before earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from UCLA and a Masters in Public Policy and a Doctorate in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University.

She currently works as an Associate Professor of Government at Gallaudet University. She previously campaigned on behalf of numerous Democatic politicians at various levels of government, including Xavier Becerra and Alan Lowenthal. One of her political goals was to help secure funding for the STARBASE and Sunburst Youth ChalleNGe Academy programs at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos.

Marquez has received endorsements from State Controller Betty Yee, Congressman Alan Lowenthal, and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, as well as the Democratic Party of Orange County, the Orange County Labor Federation, and Planned Parenthood Community Action Fund – Orange and San Bernardino Counties.

“Cypress provided me with a strong foundation for a successful life. I want to ensure every community member has the same opportunity,” Marquez says on her website.

Marquez previously ran for Cypress City Council in 2018.

To learn more about Frances Marquez and her campaign for Cypress City Council, visit her website at francesmarquezforcypress.com.


  1. As a mother of two son’s and a member of the Cypress community, I support and I will vote for Frances Marquez!! She is supported by the ILWU Local 13 Longshoreman labor union. I admire her giving back to the community that she was born and raised. Thank you for looking out for the needs of the great City of Cypress. You have my full support.
    Your neighbor,
    Nicole L. Nunez

  2. Frances Marquez
    Is a great choice.
    She is very well educated with multiple degrees and very qualified.
    We need more council members like Frances Marquez.

  3. If Phyllis, MB, and Phil are going to criticize this particular candidate then state your preference about which of the other candidates are more suitable to you. There is no comparison between Cypress and Seattle, Portland, San Fran, Baltimore, etc. Whatever is happening in these other cities is not going to happen in Cypress, different size, different demographics, and no waterfront or port in Cypress. I have not made my choice yet.

  4. I support Frances and her willingness to fight for Cypress. Cypress is the only candidate taking Amazon on.

  5. I can not support nor vote for Frances Marquez. She is a Liberal Left Democrat and fervent BLM supporter. She has gone on record of being open to looking at lower cost Police Agency options … meaning replacing Cypress Police Department with O.C. Sheriff. Her entire political career has been about pushing leftist candidates and a leftist agenda. Not a good fit for Cypress.

    1. Too bad this is a free country!!! Cry all you want. Freedom of choice!!

  6. I will not be voting for Frances Marquez. Based on what I know about her positions, she is too radical for me.

  7. We need centrists on the Cypress City Council. Not Frances Marquez!

    YIKES!!! Marquez is Endorsed by the very liberal socialist Rep Alan Lowenthal.

    YIKES!!! Marquez is Endorsed by the very liberal Assemblywoman Sharon Q-Silva.

    Neighbors-if you like what is happening in other cities with socialist Democrats running the city councils (Seattle, Portland, San Fran, Baltimore, etc) by all means vote for Frances Marquez. If you want to keep Cypress a city where we can safely & happily live & work, do not vote for a candidate endorsed by the very socialist Alan Lowenthal. Many of her positions (ask her about Black Lives Matter) are frightening.

    There are more centrist Democrats and Republicans running for Cypress City Council!!!

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