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Michelle Steel: Rouda cut employee retirement as well as health care

The Washington Free Beacon today published another damning story showing Harley Rouda not only cut his employees health care, but also eliminated their retirement accounts as well.

According to the Beacon:

Rep. Harley Rouda (D., Calif.), who has championed workplace retirement plans as “a crucial part of the American dream,” terminated 401(k) benefits for employees of his investment company in 2015, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

Rouda became CEO of real estate investment firm Trident Holdings in October 2012, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Roughly three years later, the Democrat terminated the company’s 401(k) plan, which covered “substantially all employees,” according to an internal document.

“On December 8, 2015, the Company approved the termination of the Plan effective November 30, 2015,” the document says. “The Plan was a defined contribution plan covering substantially all employees of Trident Holdings, Inc. (the Company), formally Real Living, Inc., who had attained age 21 or older.”…

The move also came two years after Rouda cut health benefits for employees of HER Realtors, a real estate company owned by Trident Holdings.

A former HER Realtors employee told the Free Beacon that Trident Holdings’ decision to terminate its 401(k) plan also extended to HER Realtors staff.

“He does talk out both sides of his mouth, and I worked for him for years,” the former employee said, adding that he left the company after the lack of benefits became “unmanageable.”

“Another shameful story and another day where Harley Rouda is silent about his decisions as a CEO to cut not only his employees’ health care but also their retirement. He owes voters an explanation,” said Michelle Steel, Orange County Board Chairwoman and Republican Candidate for CA-48.

Read the full story here.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. Rouda is part of the Democratic Party whose leader Biden is a total Benedict Arnold. Look up Hunter Biden labtop, Hunter Biden, etc…. to see what the Biden’s are all about. They sell the office of the Vice Presidency to the highest bidder — China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, etc….. Pay to Play scheme to enrich their own family wealth at the expense of the United States of America’s wealth. Biden’s haven’t said whether or not if the labtop is Hunter Biden’s or not. Hunter Biden’s attorney went to the computer repair store to ask for it back. It is Hunter Biden’s Laptop. More evidence of how corrupt Joe Biden and his family is will be coming out shortly before the Presidential Debate Or before November 3rd. Vote Michelle Steele and Donald Trump 2020 for your own families sake.

  2. A vote for Rouda is a vote for continued lockdown, loss of individual rights, loss of democracy and increased socialism. Rouda is a friend and supporter of Ilhan Omar, AOC, Raul Grijalva, Katie Porter, Pramila Jayopal, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressely who are all Socialists (Communists) within the Democratic Party. And also Cori Black (St. Louis District 1), Jamaal Bowman and the lists keep every voting cycle. Do your own research on these names and see what these people are saying about the USA. These Socialists are running against “Democratic Moderates” and winning or coming closer to winning each Democratic Primary every year. And it is only going to get worse with each voting cycle. If you like the United States of America like it is than vote for Michelle Steel and Donald Trump 2020. If you like Socialism and what that brings than vote for Harley Rouda.

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