Tom Umberg

Senator Umberg calls on California District Attorneys to protect election from fake ballot boxes

Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D – Orange County), Chair of the Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments, condemned the recent reports of unauthorized ballot drop boxes throughout California. Metal containers marked “Official ballot drop-off box” have been popping up in gyms, gun stores, campaign headquarters, and even churches across California in recent weeks, with Republicans urging voters to drop their ballots inside. Senator Umberg is calling on District Attorneys in California to prosecute these violations of state law in order to curb any further criminal acts of voter fraud.

“Local prosecuting agencies will have the full support of the state when pursuing and prosecuting the criminal activity of committing voter fraud, such as the setting up of these unofficial and unauthorized ballot boxes,” said Senator Umberg. “Those setting up these boxes in an attempt to misrepresent themselves as election officials and subvert our Democracy must be punished.”

Under the California Elections Code, only elections officials can establish ballot drop-off boxes. Any occurrence of people fraudulently acting as election officials by establishing illegal drop boxes can face criminal charges. Those that promote or also help facilitate the illegal activity would also face potential criminal charges.

Californians should only use official ballot drop boxes that have been deployed and secured by their county elections office. Any registered voter can find a drop-off location for their ballot by visiting:

This article was released by the Office of Senator Thomas J. Umberg.