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Letter to the Editor: Is there corruption in Orange County?

Orange County residents have faced a plague. As that Youtube video is loading, another advertisement paid for by Harley Rouda claims Michelle Steel is corrupt. As a resident of Orange County, I wanted to do some digging into this. Is Michelle Steel corrupt, or is Harley Rouda blowing hot air because of a weak record?

The first major claim focuses on Michelle voting to cut funding to the Office of Independent Review (OIR). This organization is used to investigate various legal and corrections agencies. The Rouda campaign argues this act was to protect political allies. However, the Steel campaign counters that there were already Federal and State investigators looking into the Orange County jailhouse issues. In addition, there were complaints that the OIR was hiring political representatives and was being utilized as an attack dog for political purposes while also hiring people for the sole purpose of promotion. This would indicate that the cut was a cost-saving matter while also regaining more local control after the county had recovered the right to self-audit following the 1994 Orange County bankruptcy. After reading the one source cited by the Rouda campaign, I was not convinced that wrongdoing had occurred, and the OIR seemed to be a redundancy.

The other major claim is that Michelle Steel’s husband gave “political donors linked to China” access to the president. My thorough research shows that there was a meeting with Donald Trump where guests like Tang Ben were invited. The issue being, Tang Ben is a naturalized American Citizen. Others were green card holders. These men seemingly got involved in an organization that wanted to support the current administration and provided donations to their own pacs. The issue is that as anyone who has done business in China knows, the communist party has wide reaching control. Ergo, anyone from China will have at least some past connection to the communist party. This does not mean they work directly with China anymore. It is an unfortunate part of business, and Michelle Steel herself has said she will work to curtail Chinese influence in the US which has shown up recently in Disney and the NBA.

What gets more interesting is that this is the attack that is chosen by the Rouda campaign. His campaign somehow found it appropriate to link the daughter of immigrants who fled North Korean Communism with Chinese Communism. That is wrong on so many levels and is very hypocritical of them. First, the men, like anyone else conducting business in China are unfortunately indirectly connected to the party. What is more bothersome is considering how handily Steel has denounced Communist China, it seems ignorant. Is the Rouda campaign trying to lump Michelle Steel with all Asians? Is the attack implying Michelle is a communist due to her heritage? How racially appropriate of them. Considering how Rouda has ignored Hunter Biden’s connections to communist China, it does seem his outrage is suspiciously selective.

Samuel Braun
Fountain Valley


  1. Look up Hunter Biden laptop. It shows all the Joe Biden family corrupt dealings on how to sell out the USA for millions of dollars. Mayor and attorney Giuliani of New York City has possession of a hard drive on all of Joe Biden’s dirty little secrets. I mean really dirty. More to come out before November 3rd. Stay tuned. Joe Biden never said that this laptop wasn’t Hunter’s. Where’s Hunter ??? Vote Trump 2020 and Michelle Steel 2020 for your families sakes.

  2. Rouda is Nancy Pelosi without the Botox. It’s not coincidental that Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting is taking place in cities with Democrat mayors, city councils, etc. The only way to make things better is to vote Republican. Rouda is a puppet of Nancy Pelosi. Look at his dismal voting record. Rouda’s Democrat Party is holding up passing the stimulus bill!!!

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