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Letter to the Editor: Republicans should support Republican values

Dear Editor:

In the United States, primaries can sometimes become verbally vicious between candidates of the same party vying to be the nominee. But once the primary is over, usually party organizations and candidates come together to support the winner. The key word is “usually.”

John Briscoe, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 47th U.S. congressional district (which covers portions of Los Angeles and Orange Counties), has no such support. Briscoe, who ran in 2018 and had an embarrassing loss, has either not been endorsed or has had his endorsement rescinded from:

  • California GOP
  • Los Angeles GOP
  • Orange County GOP
  • West Orange County Republican Women Federation

I firmly believe in the American election process – that once the primary is over, the party (be it Democrat or Republican) comes together to support the nominee. However, Briscoe’s candidacy puts many Republicans in a quandary. Believing in the U.S. Constitution and law and order, they certainly can’t vote for Democrat Alan Lowenthal, a career politician who leans so far to the left he might fall over. But would a vote for John Briscoe be an endorsement of the Marxist-leaning Black Lives Matter, which Briscoe has publicly supported? Would a vote for John Briscoe ignore ethical complaints and overall concerns about his position on a variety of steadfast conservative issues?

What should Republicans do on Election Day? Some in GOP circles have urged fellow Republicans to skip that section on the ballot. Surely an even more humiliating loss in 2020 might send a message to John Briscoe! Moreover, it would tell future candidates that if you are going to run as a Republican, you should represent key positions and values that are important to party members.

As John Briscoe’s challenger in the 2019 primary election, I can assure readers that this is not a “sour grapes” letter. When he ran in 2018, I was a campaign volunteer, spending countless hours knocking on doors to promote his candidacy.

Of course, I was disappointed not to be the 47th U.S. Congressional District nominee, believing I brought a fresh perspective to the race against liberal Alan Lowenthal. As a legal immigrant from Vietnam who spent several years in two refugee camps before being allowed to come to the United States, I have always embraced this wonderful country and all the opportunities offered to its citizens. My husband and I are small business owners. From church to home, we are raising our three sons to appreciate their good fortune in being born in the exceptional United States of America.

Having graciously accepted defeat in the primary, I continued supporting Republican candidates. It made me very proud last year when I was elected to the Republican Central Committee – 72nd District. I am also a delegate to the CAGOP. With the upcoming presidential election, I help coordinate the weekly Vietnamese community Trump car caravan rally.

I strongly believe that we can Make California Great Again, but only if Republicans who adhere to Republican values and positions are elected to local, statewide and national office. Unfortunately, in 2020 this won’t happen in the U.S. 47th Congressional District since John Briscoe is the Republican Party candidate.


Amy Phan West


  1. Republicans need to draft better candidates to represent them. It is ridiculous that we don’t have enough qualified people who can carry the banner for the Republican Party.

  2. If John Briscoe calls himself a Republican than he should act like one and support our platforms BLM is a Marxist, hate filled radical group whose goal is to destroy this country. Anti- police, anti-black fathers in the home. No thank you.

  3. The truth about John Briscoe is laid out on his website, JohnBriscoe.us. You can join the community and interact with John directly on the main social media sites. It’s unfortunate that Amy felt the need to write this letter. We wish her the best moving forward and would like to see Republicans come together instead of falsely bashing each other.

  4. This information is definitely not widespread enough. Looks like this is a “lesser of the evils vote”. I hate those. Why didn’t we get behind a better candidate in the primaries? It appears that people have become apathetic due to all the turmoil in our society, God is still in charge and we need to fervently seek HIS direction. Looks like we’ll either vote for the unwanted known or the new unwanted unknown. Looks like California voters have quit learning before voting unfortunately.,

  5. Very interesting letter. Two years ago I saw some John Briscoe signs. Haven’t seen any this year. When I asked someone who supported him in 2018 if she supports him this year, she laughed at me.

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