Rep. Cisneros announces CA-39 HHM Award recipients on last day of Hispanic Heritage Month

On the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) announced the recipients of the 2nd Annual CA-39 Hispanic Heritage Month Award. Rep. Cisneros selected nine leaders across a range of industries, including education, healthcare, small business, public service, and volunteerism/local activism.

“I am honored to recognize our outstanding Hispanic community leaders for the CA-39 Hispanic Heritage Month Awards. Throughout this month, we have celebrated the significant contributions and achievements made by the Hispanic community. They’re teachers educating our children, community leaders providing resources to those in need, healthcare workers keeping us safe, and so much more,” said Rep. Cisneros. “Their dedication, commitment, and service to the 39th District exemplify what it means to be an outstanding leader. I’d like to congratulate these individuals and thank everyone who nominated them from our community.”

Rep. Cisneros honored the following CA-39 residents. Included is a quote from their nominator’s submission:


  • Mary Lou Bueno, Fullerton: Academic Success Program Manager, CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods; “Mary Bueno is a bilingual, bicultural Latina who is proud of her Latina heritage and is committed to serving and advocating for the Latinx community, especially Latinx children.”
  • Joe Louis Hernandez, Walnut: Project/Program Coordinator of Rising Scholars (Formerly Incarcerated and System Impacted Student Program), Mt. SAC; “Joe Louis is my mentor from Mt. San Antonio College. He has not only made an impact on my life but many other first generation, low-income, and formerly incarcerated students by sharing his story, creating spaces where we can learn/grow, both in higher education and our personal lives, while still juggling many other roles in his life (such as being a husband, father, grad student, and his involvement in other organizations). With that being said he always gave us, the students, his all.”


  • Dr. Miriam Anayanci Salvador Hermosillo, Yorba Linda: Pediatrician, Kaiser; “Dr. Salvador is a pediatric specialist serving the families of the 39th District at Kaiser in Brea. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico she trained and graduated as a paramedic while in high school. In 2001 Dr.Salvado graduated medical school from Universidad De Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico where she also met her husband. After marrying, they moved to the United States in 2002 where she began to work as a research coordinator for multiple medical trials and completed her pediatric training. Dr. Salvador is adored by her patients and families. She believes in taking care of every single aspect of children with care, love and respect, as if they were her own. This philosophy is rooted in her firm belief that our children are our future. Dr. Salvador is a great listener and proactive in involving her patients’ parents and valuing their opinions. A proud mother of two daughters, Dr. Salvador and her husband exemplify what it means to be loving parents. Dr. Salvador’s hard earned success, commitment to her family, and contributions to the community serve as an inspiration for us all.”

Small Business:

  • Andrew Arredondo, Brea: Owner, Brea Full Intensity Training (F.I.T.); “Andrew is a Latino small business owner. For seven years he has successfully created Brea Full Intensity Training, where he employs several trainers and has an established clientele from the 39th District and more. It’s a small business, but a fantastic one. There is a culture, and a sense of inclusion that permeates his gym, which is rooted in Andrew’s enthusiasm. A dedicated husband and father of two, Andrew epitomizes what a Latinx role model and small business owner should be.”
  • Fred Flores, Brea: Founder, North American Staffing Group, Inc. (NASG); “Fred has been a pillar of the Orange County communities for over 25 years, serving on the front lines on various issues impacting communities of color such as workforce development, education, civic engagement, procurement, small business, community engagement and now healthcare.”

Public Service:

  • Maricela Estrada, La Habra: Family Resource Center Manager, Institute for Healthcare Advancement’s Family Resource Center; “Maricela has been a public servant providing guidance to hundreds of clients each year. Maricela also serves as a role model for her staff and everyone around her. During COVID, she has helped keep people safe by assuring staff and the people they serve that we will get through this difficult time. The FRC serves the underserved population and provides support with reducing food and housing insecurity as well as addressing mental health issues. She guides people with unemployment and underemployment. In all that Marcela does, she is humbled by her work and is a Hero to many that she serves.”
  • Amy Santos, Fullerton: Assistant Director and Center Manager at CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods; “Amy Santos is committed to serving and advocating for the Latinx community, especially those who are undocumented. The work she does on both her personal and professional time are focused on addressing disparities and promoting equity. She is the embodiment of public health in action.”


  • Martha San Elias, Fullerton: Community Development Lead, Solidarity; “During the pandemic, Martha has helped coordinate all the intake for food distributions reaching 150+ neighbors a week, as well helped undocumented neighbors who lost their jobs/hours get access to private relief funding as they were not able to receive any relief from the CARES Act stimulus. Her presence within the neighborhood is one that acts as a joyful glue for the whole community. Solidarity is so grateful for her impact, her personality, & her addition to the organization.”
  • Egleth Nuncci, Fullerton: Community Liaison, CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods; “Egleth’s volunteerism and advocacy work to build resiliency and civic engagement among low-income Hispanic families in Fullerton and surrounding cities have made profound differences in the areas of health, education, and safety.”

This article was released by the Office of Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr.


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