Young Kim for Congress

Congressional candidate Young Kim attracts more than incumbent Gil Cisneros in California’s 39th

In the final quarter before the 2020 general election, Young Kim more than doubled incumbent Gil Cisneros’ fundraising. Bringing in over $1.8 million, compared to Cisneros’ $870,000, Young is one of the few challengers in the country to outraise her incumbent opponent. The difference of about $1 million gives Young a clear advantage in the final weeks of the campaign.

“Young has always been one of the strongest candidates in the country and now she accomplishes a rare feat for a House candidate – outraising her incumbent opponent by close to $1 million,” stated general consultant Sam Oh. “Cisneros’ record of putting profits over people is embarrassing. Voters and donors know this seat is well within reach and the Democrats are running out of time to save it.”

The impressive haul follows recent polls that show an extremely close race in CA-39. With a clear cash advantage, Young is one of a handful of Republican challengers in the country with a chance to unseat an incumbent.

This is the second quarter in a row Young has doubled her opponent’s fundraising and one of many where she has outraised Cisneros. With the cash disparity, Cisneros has turned to PAC money, going against his 2018 promise to swear off such cash.

The article above was released by Young Kim for Contress.