Illegal immigration documentary America’s Forgotten releases online

With reviews calling it “Explosive” (Newsweek) and “Revolutionary” (Daily Wire), America’s Forgotten, the stunning new documentary on illegal immigration, by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral releases today for nationwide streaming. America’s Forgotten follows the stories of various individuals who experienced immense hardships and even death due to illegal immigration.

The film has been widely covered by major outlets such as, The Daily Caller, Newsweek and The Daily Wire. In an exclusive interview with Hollie McKay from Fox News Online, Ms. Gujral states, “…when I started making this, the things I found were eye-opening. I realized the narrative I had been sold and supported was not the real truth. Illegal immigration is a terrible practice that should not only be discouraged, but it should be stopped.”

Because of heartbreaking stories uncovered in the documentary that highlight the unintended consequences of illegal immigration, Director Namrata Singh Gujral addresses her change of political affiliation after uncovering the devastating effects of illegal immigration in her new documentary America’s Forgotten. Ms. Gujral encourages Democrats to face the harsh reality that their policies regarding immigration are doing more harm than good, “The Democratic Party has gone way left. Until people like me in the Democratic Party that are more American than Democrat stand up and speak out against it, America is going to be in a free fall, highjacked by extremism.”

In the 2016 presidential debates, illegal immigration was all anyone was talking about–so why is no one discussing it now? America’s Forgotten, a groundbreaking and controversial new documentary explores the many dangers of illegal immigration, and how we need to start talking about our broken immigration system and find the practical solutions to fix it.

This documentary explores the lives of individuals and families that were directly affected by illegal immigration. In the film, Director Namrata Singh Gujral shows the brokenness of our immigration system and how we can work together to promote safer, legal immigration.

The film is available for nationwide streaming on Vimeo, SalemNow and iScreeningRoom.

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