featured graphic for John Briscoe for Congress during COVID-19

Challenger John Briscoe introduces Welcome To Alan Lowenthal’s Long Beach video series

The campaign for John Briscoe in the 47th Congressional District centered in Long Beach has started a series of videos highlighting issues, including homelessness, in the region currently represented by Alan Lowenthal.

The 47th Congressional District also covers the west Orange County cities of Garden Grove, Westminster, Stanton, Los Alamitos, and Cypress.

This video was released by Briscoe For Congress 2020.


  1. John Briscoe owner of Creat Wave Management is horrible candidate. He’s all about what goes into his bank accounts. If he can’t manage his rental company Creat Wave properly what makes you think he can manage a seat in Congress. Shame on you John!

  2. Alan Lowenthal is a socialist and it’s worrisome that so many Americans want socialism. Why did we fight all these wars to keep socialism out of Europe and away from United States? John Briscoe is not the best candidate but he is a Republican and everyone I am voting for (even the supposed non-partisan positions like city council) will be Republican.

  3. Alan Lowenthal did not cause the homeless problem in Long Beach, it was started decades ago by Governor Reagan who went on a binge closing the state mental hospitals. OC Republicans had a great plan for ending the homeless problem, the chased them away from the Santa Ana river. Don’t forget when you vote for John Briscoe to put your ballot into a Michelle Steele official ballot collection box.

  4. Sorry, but I am not voting for John Briscoe and definitely not voting for Alan Lowenthal.

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