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Cypress College opens new study space to serve students impacted by COVID and WFH

Cypress College has expanded its on-campus study space by opening 4,500-square-foot, open-air facility capable of accommodating 70 students. The Outdoor Student Study Space follows the model used by many restaurants to continue dine-in service during the pandemic and expands on the free WiFi program Cypress College initiated in the aftermath of the campus closure in March.

“Finding creative solutions to help our students succeed is an important part of our work to ensure our students can meet their goals,” said Cypress College President JoAnna Schilling, Ph.D. “We know that some of our students are doing homework, attending classes, and even studying in their parked cars because multiple people in their household — siblings, parents, spouses, their own children —are also attending school remotely or working from home. Our Outdoor Student Study Space provides a safe alternative with reliable WiFi.”

Students can use the space for studying or for attending live sessions of their courses.

The study space is availble each week day, from 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday through Thrusday, and until 5 p.m. on Friday. Students may walk up or reserve a space through the college’s award-winning mobile app.

Students complete a wellness check in the app and must abide by health and safety regulations while using the study space. Restrooms, charging stations, and protective barriers are available.

This article was released by Cypress College.