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Rouda introduces Aviation Industry Assistance for Cleaner and Quieter Skies Act

Congressman Harley Rouda (CA-48) introduced the Aviation Industry Assistance for Cleaner and Quieter Skies Act, a bill to help lower aircraft noise by incentivizing the purchase of cleaner and quieter aircraft. The legislation was inspired by community efforts, which culminated in the formation of the Coastal Orange County Aircraft Noise Mitigation Task Force. The task force, led by Rep. Rouda, brought together key stakeholders to reduce aircraft noise and improve collaboration to enact meaningful change.

“For years, coastal Orange County residents have raised concerns regarding disruptive aircraft noise,” said Rouda. “During my first term in Congress, I am proud to have brought together key stakeholders to reduce aircraft noise and improve collaboration to enact meaningful change. Since the creation of the task force, I am pleased to report I have heard positive feedback from constituents who have noticed the impact of the changes already implemented due to our communities’ collaboration with air carriers.”

“Over the past several months, the Coastal Orange County Aircraft Noise Mitigation Task Force has worked together to advance common-sense solutions to provide relief to impacted Orange County residents and improve collaboration among all parties. I greatly appreciate the participation of air carriers operating out of SNA Airport, who have been gracious partners in this work to address community concerns, even amidst the incredible strain on the aviation industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This progress would not have been possible without this work by the airlines.

“I also would like to thank the following individuals for their critical participation in this task force:

  • Mayor Katrina Foley, City of Costa Mesa;
  • Mayor Lyn Semeta and Councilman Patrick Brenden, City of Huntington Beach;
  • Mayor Bob Whalen, City of Laguna Beach;
  • Mayor Laurie Davies, City of Laguna Niguel;
  • Councilman Jeff Herdman, City of Newport Beach; and
  • Representatives from SNA Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who served as technical advisors.

“I am also thankful for the tireless work of our local activists, whose work was instrumental in creating change to reduce aircraft noise.”

“A4A and our members would like to thank Rep. Rouda and the other task force participants for the constructive dialogue regarding aircraft operations and noise and emissions mitigation in the vicinity of SNA,” said Nancy N. Young, Vice President of Environmental Affairs for Airlines for America (A4A). “Although U.S. airlines reduced the number of people exposed to significant aircraft noise by 94% between 1978 and 2019 while more than quadrupling enplanements, we appreciate that any particular person experiencing aircraft sound may have a negative experience. That is why A4A and our members remain committed to continuing to advance technology, operations, and infrastructure improvements to further mitigate aviation noise and emissions and we appreciate Rep. Rouda’s leadership in advancing policy proposals in support of such efforts.”

“The task force established by Congressman Rouda is the first to give all of our local cities severely impacted by aircraft noise in California’s 48th congressional district a seat at the table with the FAA and other stakeholders to discuss solutions to reduce noise, airplane pollution, and residential impacts,” said Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley. “It’s invaluable.”

“We appreciate Representative Harley Rouda for establishing the Coastal Orange County Aircraft Noise Mitigation Task Force,” said Huntington Beach Mayor Lyn Semeta. “The vast information provided in the presentations by staff from the FAA, airports, and airline industry in the series of meetings held, together with the opportunity to establish relationships with those representatives, will be invaluable to Huntington Beach as we continue our work to address the impacts of jet noise on our community.”

“The City of Laguna Beach greatly appreciates the efforts of Congressman Rouda to put together this working group to discuss airport noise issues with key stakeholders,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen. “The willingness of the airlines and the FAA to participate collaboratively in an open dialogue has been valuable and we are open to continuing this discussion to identify methods to reduce airport noise while maintaining air traffic safety in the area.”

“The City of Laguna Niguel appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the Coastal Orange County Aircraft Noise Mitigation Task Force,” said Laguna Niguel Mayor Laurie Davies.“Being part of the discussion and having a seat at the table with our Congressman, our neighboring cities, the FAA, John Wayne Airport, and major airline carriers has fostered promising discussions and idea sharing. I am hopeful that these discussions lead to airspace operation improvements that reduce aircraft noise and pollution that impact so many Orange County cities. I look forward to continuing this partnership to achieve these goals.”

“I, and my colleagues, really appreciate the focus and support from our federal representatives in addressing this important community issue, and their leadership in working to pull together all the key stakeholders to define solutions,” said Mel Beale of the Airport Working Group (AWG). “The format of a task force, with the parties openly discussing all the parameters, is the only way forward and has been the effort of AWG for over 30 years. We especially appreciate the collaborative style set by all the participants involved.”

“Residents of California’s 48th district have been enduring the negative health, noise, and pollution impacts from the ongoing operational expansion of John Wayne Airport for decades,” said Sue Dvorak of Citizens Against Airport Noise & Pollution (CAANP). “It has been an uphill battle to get our elected officials to take decisive action — until Congressman Rouda took office in 2019. Congressman Rouda has been a strong advocate for his constituents by taking an active role in the Quiet Skies Caucus and by leading the way to form a task force to address the health and quality of life impacts on residents. I look forward to his continued efforts on these issues in DC as well as further partnership among our communities, the airlines, and the FAA to yield positive changes for residents.”

“I have enjoyed serving on the citizen side of the Aircraft Noise Task Force convened by Congressman Harley Rouda, along with members of the Airport Working Group, AirFair, and Citizens Against Airport Noise and Pollution,” said Charles Klobe, board member of Still Protecting Our Newport (SPON). “I believe we provided valuable input to the Congressman to help further his mission on this important cause.”

This article was released by the Office of Representative Harley Rouda.

Editor’s Note (added 10/21/20): Specific details on the Aviation Industry Assistance for Cleaner and Quieter Skies Act introduced by Mr. Rouda can be found here.


  1. Not a single word about what the bill actually says or accomplishes. Great “reporting” oc-breeze. In-kind-donation much?

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  2. If you want socialism, vote Harley Rouda. If you want our area to be more like Portland and Seattle, vote Harley Rouda. If you want your taxes to go up, vote Harley Rouda.

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