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Casa Youth Shelter thanks the Los Alamitos Police Department and local community

Storage Unit Burglary Update

As some of you are already aware, our onsite storage unit was burglarized over the weekend, with many of the supplies used most frequently in our shelter stolen. We’re fortunate that nothing more valuable was taken and no one was hurt, but all the supplies we had been collecting to care for to keep our residents safe were gone. The Los Alamitos Police Department responded and initiated an investigation, and three arrests were made on Tuesday. The individuals arrested are connected with other recent crimes in the area. Thanks to the proactive work of the Los Alamitos Police Department, these people are now off the streets.

Unfortunately, while we were able to recover some of our stolen items, we were not able to recover everything due to items having already been sold or destroyed. We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from our local community and beyond. Thanks to you, our kids will have everything they need as we near this fast-approaching holiday season.

Once again, thank you to the Los Al PD and our supporters near and far from the bottom of our hearts!

This article was released by the Casa Youth Shelter.