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Marketing and more: The interview no one else had

After patiently waiting months, the Marketing Maven finally was able to schedule an important interview, possibly the first of its kind. Meeting at a local park and sitting more than six feet apart, the discussion touched on headline topics, offering insight into what might be expected in the months ahead.

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Marketing Maven’s interview

ROBIN – Thank you for meeting with me. There are so many questions that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. As head COVID-19 droplet, your thoughts are very important.

COVID DROPLET – I would have talked to you sooner, but the droplets and I were very busy. Now that the pandemic has slowed down and many states (at least the red states) are returning to some type of normalcy, I have more time on my hands.

ROBIN – Well, people are still coming down with the virus.

COVID DROPLET – And that might continue for years, even with a vaccine. Remember, there is a flu vaccine and yet according to the Centers for Disease Control since 2010, each YEAR 140,000 to 810,000 Americans are hospitalized with the seasonal flu and between 12,000 to 61,000 DIE.

ROBIN – Wow! That’s a lot of Americans dying just from the seasonal flu!

COVID DROPLET – Yes, it is. But like the COVID-19 virus, the seasonal flu often injures or kills the elderly who already have other underlying health issues. However, since the liberal-leaning media’s primary goal has always been to destroy President Trump, facts are ignored.

ROBIN – Interesting point. Should I ask your political preference?

COVID DROPLET – You can ask, but COVID-19 droplets aren’t political. We just observe.

ROBIN – What are your overall observations after watching Americans handle the pandemic?

COVID DROPLET – President Trump has done an astounding job, but it’s primarily state governors making the decisions. We COVID-19 droplets were fascinated with how governors mandated ridiculous rules to supposedly keep droplets away. Let’s start with the mask. Many people wearing paper-thin kerchiefs are allowed into stores and restaurants as if that protects them and others. If we droplets are as dangerous as some people claim, a paper-thin mask is not going to stop us!

ROBIN – Well, many people wear hospital masks or those made with thicker material.

COVID DROPLET – Very true! But then they regularly touch their mask with dirty hands. Or they frequently adjust their mask after lowering it to talk to someone. Or they wear the same mask day after day, breathing in germs that have nowhere to go but down into their respiratory system. How many times have you seen someone wearing a mask below their nose? When the science exposed how masks don’t work, the liberal media shut it down!

We droplets also get a lot of laughs from people who wear gloves to go shopping. Once they touch something, be it the supermarket cart or items on a shelf, the gloves are contaminated. Yet they think they are safer than everyone else.

My favorite ridiculous action has everyone touching the same keypad to process their credit card while wearing a mask and standing six feet apart.

ROBIN – I am not sure how to respond.

COVID DROPLET – Let me give you another asinine mask example. If covering your face was going to keep the virus from spreading, why did COVID-19 infect so many people in Muslim countries where women always cover their face? We COVID-19 droplets had no problem infecting people in those countries!

ROBIN – But what could people do, especially those living in states with governors like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo who want to destroy their own state’s economy? People must follow ridiculous face covering rules if they wanted to shop or dine out.

COVID DROPLET – It’s funny you mention Gov. Newsom and Cuomo. We droplets never understood why Democrat governors like Newsom, Cuomo and others mandated that senior housing facilities had to accept COVID-19 patients. That was an invitation to infect more people and kill the most vulnerable!

ROBIN – But didn’t some rules make sense?

COVID DROPLET – Not really. Let’s start with big stores. They have signs by cashiers reminding shoppers to stand six feet apart. Yet once shoppers finish at the checkout line, they would squish together to show their receipt to exit. We droplets always laughed about that!

ROBIN – Okay, when you think about it, it is stupid. Any other examples?

COVID DROPLET – Here’s another one: People must wear a mask to walk into a restaurant, walk to their table, but once seated at the table, the mask comes off. A group of six non-family friends can sip drinks, talk and laugh and no one makes them wear a mask. It might be an hour before their food arrives and according to some so-called experts, we droplets would know not to come near them. Have you ever heard of anything so preposterous?

ROBIN – Well, are you advocating for stronger rules?

COVID DROPLET – No, I am just telling you the reality of the situation so you and other Americans can advocate for common sense! If I had to make a political comment, it would be that the insanely liberal American media would have taken an entirely different approach about the virus had a Democrat been in the White House.

ROBIN – What do you mean?

COVID DROPLET – When the Communist Chinese government released the COVID-19 virus on the world, the liberal U.S. media immediately viewed it as an opportunity to bring down President Trump and destroy the United States of America. Their every focus has been about Americans dying WITH the virus when it should have been Americans dying FROM the virus. You’ve read stories of people entering hospitals injured in an auto accident or in the final stages of terminal cancer. If COVID-19 is added to their list of medical ailments, these patients are counted as COVID-19 deaths.

ROBIN – Beyond the loss of life, the pandemic has been overwhelming, with some people suffering more than others.

– Yeah, that “we’re all in this together” is such a foolish marketing campaign! The Communist Chinese unleashed COVID-19 on the world because the communist government hates Donald Trump. But let’s be honest, the pandemic was good business for some companies. Just think of plexiglass sales! Just think of the big-box stores that could remain open while mom-and-pop stores went bankrupt.

ROBIN – Will COVID-19 be leaving soon?

COVID DROPLET – (laughs) Not so fast! If our cousin the seasonal flu can still be here after all these years with a flu vaccine, why would COVID-19 want to disappear? Everyone will have to adjust as they are doing successfully in most red states. There have been many viruses in the past and there will be others in the future.

ROBIN – Any other thoughts?

COVID DROPLET – I think we covered everything. The way we COVID-19 droplets see it, the United States is two nations. Red states flourishing as Republican governors continue to make common sense rules that address the COVID-19 virus while allowing its citizens to lead as close to normal lives as possible. Blue states rapidly declining as Democrat governors strive to destroy their state’s economies for purely political motives.

ROBIN – Well, thank you for your time. This has been a most informative conversation.


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  3. So good to read something that is both accurately informative and funny at the same time! Kudos Robin!

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