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Letter to the Editor: respect political signs

Dear Editor:

In Orange County, there are thousands of political yard signs, window signs, and banners expressing support for certain candidates and enmity for others. It’s been part of our American republic for decades. An unfortunate aspect that seems to be developing is petty and theft and vandalism of signs. Video has surfaced of a man blatantly walking into a yard and taking a Michelle Steel sign and a Trump sign from a yard. Now this single incident is unfortunate, but not necessarily evidence of a planned theft campaign.

However, in front of Michelle Steel office, there is a banner for Ted Bui. He is running for Fountain Valley City Council. Someone punched his face out of the banner at the corner of Warner and Magnolia. This happens to be where the Harley Rouda campaign has a weekly street corner rally. As a citizen, I’m concerned these could be related.

What gets most interesting however, is how Michelle Steel’s team has come out with signs saying, Michelle Steel = Lower Taxes and a converse sign that says Harley Rouda = Higher Taxes. On the corner of Edinger and Magnolia, there is a nearby pole that someone attached a cardboard sign that said lies to it. This particular vandalism wouldn’t be disconcerting except these have been found all over town. Going to the Steel office, there are already three of these vandalizing additions that have been added to the signs across town. I sincerely hope this is another lone wolf and not a concerted effort by the Rouda campaign. Since Harley Rouda according to his ads is so concerned with ethics, I hope we can get an official statement disavowing this behavior.

Sam Braun
Fountain Valley