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300+ cars ride for Trump and law enforcement

When West Orange County Republican Women Federated organized the club’s first patriotic car caravan rally, their publicity chair told family and friends that if 25 cars participated in the event, she would be happy. When the cars slowly left the Cypress parking lot on Oct. 24, Publicity Chair Robin Itzler stopped counting at 300. Others videotaped the procession and said there were closer to 500 cars with riders honking their horns, waving American flags and loudly proclaiming their patriotic support for law enforcement and President Trump’s re-election.

Between the honking and social media posts, neighbors backing law enforcement and President Trump came outside to show their support. Driving west on Cerritos Street [sic] in Cypress, residents gathered on corners holding Trump signs and waving American flags. Moving slowly through Los Alamitos there were even more people standing outside as social media spread the word that the patriotic caravan was coming their way. By the time the lengthy law enforcement/Trump caravan reached Rossmoor, Trump supporters were huddled on corners with their own makeshift rallies.

“Republican support for our men and women in law enforcement is unparallel[ed],” said Publicity Chair Robin Itzler adding that nearly every police union across the United States has endorsed President Trump’s re-election. “The enthusiasm and momentum are with President Trump as can be seen at his patriotic rallies, in boat flotillas and at car caravans.”

Nancy Hathcock, president of West Orange County Republican Women Federated, added that it’s important for Trump supporters to vote and bring ballots for those who might not be able to come to a voting place. “President Donald Trump has delivered on his promises and has done more in four years than Joe Biden who has been in Washington for nearly five decades. Americans voting Republican will re-elect President Trump, give us a Republican Congress along with local and statewide candidates, and most important this will keep the United States a democracy for generations to come.”

This article was released by West Orange County Republican Women Federated.


  1. To those mocking the YUGE turnout at the Trump / Law Enforcements Rally, please share how many cars were at the Biden rally. ZILCH! All the cars are hidden in basements just like the Democratic Party candidate. Or is Biden speaking to empty parking lots flip-flopping on issues? Does Biden, with the obvious start of dementia, even know where he is? It is going to be a Trump Landslide!!!

  2. To all of you with Trump Derangement Syndrome – You are the real haters. It’s clear in your comments. You don’t see hate filled rhetoric about Biden. I have heard a lot of sad comments because of Mr. Biden’s obvious dementia. It’s unfortunate that the media refuses to cover that. It’s also sad that the rioting and looting that has been going on in so many cities since May is not covered by the media. It’s all being done by Biden voters. You do not see anyone on the right destroying our country. The haters and name callers are all on the left. The frightening rise in the call for socialism is all on the left. I would advise these leftist haters advocating for Marxism to see how Cuba and Venezuela have been destroyed by socialism. As the saying goes, “You Can Vote Your Way to Socialism, But You Will Have to Shoot Your Way Out of It.”
    One more thing about the left – when the conservatives win the liberals go crazy with marching & rioting. They do not believe conservatives should have a say in how this country is run. When the left wins, conservatives are sad for what we see as the decline in morals of our great country but you never see protests destroying property and businesses. You do not see hate-filled rhetoric directed at the left. You only see sadness.

  3. Considering how racist, and misogynistic this president is, and the fact that he’s still supported by a women’s league sickens me.

  4. Stopped counting at 300 because they were counting twice to begin with. I’m not surprised. Reading about how corrupt Orange county republicans are they’d lie about how many cars would be there, just like Herr Cheeto. The fact that this pres is so openly racist and you guys are still supporting him and his agenda shows how much of a racist rally this really was.

    1. JR,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      Please watch for the Cypress Police Blotter, which will publish here at oc-breeze.com later today. It confirms a count of “approximately 300” cars participating in the Trump Parade. The Cypress PD also confirms that there were no incidents.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Stay safe, stay healthy!

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  5. It was fantastic! My friends and I had a blast with all the Trump supporters coming outside to greet us. Predicting-Trump in a landslide!

  6. Yah, in a city of millions 300 trying to make a lot of noise, for they are the dying breed, the racists, manipulated by the rich & their politicians to serve their own selfish desires & hatefulness, & not serve any higher purpouse, for the greater good of all. White (white racist) America is scared to death they will one day be treated even just 1/10 as bad as they, and their families before, have treated all non-whites. But what they don’t know is the rest of the world, mostly, is hella better than them. Oh the arrogance of these self-entitled, Trump supporting, scum. F*** em. They’re no good. About time they lose their reign of hate.

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