Long Beach Medical Center ensures patients’ voices are still heard on Election Day

On this momentous presidential election day, hospitalized patients at MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center had their voices heard, despite not being able to make it to the polls. Patient Relations team at Long Beach Medical Center distributed dozens of ballots directly to patient bedsides to ensure that each eligible voter had an opportunity to cast a ballot.

“This is my second time voting, but my hope and goal is that my vote makes a difference and that all people – no matter age, gender, race or sexual orientation – join me in making our nation better,” says Alexander Rhodes, 27, patient, Long Beach Medical Center. “Despite my sickle cell disease diagnosis and the amount of aches and pains I experience because of it, I still want to have my voice heard, that’s why I vote.”

In preparation for election day, staff at Long Beach Medical Center ensured that registered voters who were unexpectedly hospitalized were able to vote from their hospital bed. Long Beach Medical Center helps ensure every vote counts and lets patients focus on their health and recovery by coordinating voting efforts.

“With the tremendous support from our staff at Long Beach Medical Center, we successfully engaged our patients with the opportunity to vote directly from their bedside,” says Nick Arce, director, Patient Relations, Interpreter Services, Guest Services, Communications and Volunteer Services, Long Beach Medical Center. “We are proud to ensure that hospitalization is not a barrier for our patients to vote during this historic election. It’s an honor to make the experience seamless for them.”

In total, 20 ballots were completed from patient hospital beds. All ballots were collected and delivered to a local polling place to be counted.

This article was released by Long Beach Medical Center.