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Room with a view: Thoughts while updating our “local electeds” page

This evening, two nights after the 2020 General Election, I am updating the index page for Orange County Breeze “local electeds” and adding a new page for the 2021-2022 election cycle.

Although California election results won’t be officially certified by the California Secretary of State until December 11, I want to start now because I remember being blindsided by Democrats sweeping Orange County elected positions two years ago, based not only on district boundaries redrawn after the 2010 Census but also on “ballot harvesting” that allowed someone besides the voter to deliver the voter’s ballot for counting. This tactic resulted in many races turning from an early seeming Republican win into a suspicious Democrat win instead.

Officials of the Democratic Party crowed over their victories, which did not sit right with me.

The first version of the new 2021-2022 “local electeds” page will list minimal information for each successful candidate. More information will be added as I collate it.

Of incumbents who won re-election (see list below), I am most disappointed that Cynthia Thacker was not able to pick off Sharon Quirk-Silva. My own Assembly District is represented by someone who reacted to complaints about AB 5 as though there were nothing the Legislature could do but acquiesce to union pressure and an overreaching judge.

Although the balance of beaten incumbents between Democrats and Republicans was even-steven, I am disappointed that Ling Ling Chang could not hold on in the face of a rematch with Josh Newman, who was recalled over the gas tax increase. I am utterly mystified why voters in State Senate District 37 chose not to support John Moorlach in sufficient numbers to send him back to Sacramento to bedevil those in charge of the State’s budget.

The two races that, at this time, remain too close to call find me rooting for both challengers, Young Kim and Michelle Steel. I want Nancy Pelosi to have as little support as possible in the House of Representatives. (She has announced her intention to again run for Speaker of the House.)

Faces from Election 2018 returned to office

  • Linda Sánchez (D), Congressional District 38
  • Katie Porter (D), Congressional District 45
  • Lou Correa (D),Congressional District 46
  • Alan Lowenthal (D), Congressional District 47
  • Mike Levin (D), Congressional District 49
  • Phillip Chen (R), Assembly District 55
  • Sharon Quirk-Silva (D), Assembly District 65
  • Steven Choi (R), Assembly District 68
  • Tom Daly (D), Assembly District 69
  • Cottie Petrie-Norris (D), Assembly District 74

New faces

  • Josh Newman (D), State Senate District 29
  • Dave Min (D), State Senate District 37
  • Janet Nguyen (R), Assembly District 72
  • Laurie Davies (R), Assembly District 73

Races too close to call right now

  • Gil Cisneros vs. Young Kim, Congressional District 39
  • Harley Rouda vs. Michelle Steel, Congressional District 48

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