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Huntington Beach City Council kicks off new improvement project to modernize Edison Community Center

On Monday, November 9, 2020, the Huntington Beach City Council launched a capital improvement project to rehabilitate Edison Community Center, located at 21377 Magnolia Street. Project plans call for significant interior improvements including a newly remodeled lobby entrance, multi-purpose rooms, kitchen, restrooms, and service windows, all of which will modernize the facility to meet the growing needs of our community.

“This was a rewarding moment for the City Council,” says Mayor Lyn Semeta. “Many of us spent countless hours at Edison Community Center, attending or volunteering at events or classes with our families. We’ve made great memories here, and I am so pleased that, despite the budget challenges many cities are facing, we were able to keep our promise to improve our facilities and provide quality amenities that will benefit many generations to come.”

The construction kick off, which was attended by Mayor Lyn Semeta, Mayor Pro Tem Kim Carr, and Council Members Barbara Delgleize and Jill Hardy, marks the first improvement project at Edison Community Center, since its dedication in 1973. The project is designed to increase energy efficiencies, as well as enhance building accessibility and the flow of visitors. These factors will not only improve a visitor’s experience at the Center, but also accommodate a larger number of programs and services offered by the Community Services Department.

The Edison Community Center rehabilitation project follows the completion and November 7 rededication of similar improvements at Murdy Community Center. Both projects represent the City’s commitment to rehabilitate its facilities to meet the growing needs of our community. The City has budgeted approximately $1 million to construct the improvements, and anticipates a March 2021 completion date.

The Edison Community Center sits on a 40-acre lot in the Southeast Area of Huntington Beach and provides a variety of community services and amenities for our community. These improvements will allow the Huntington Beach Community Services Department to effectively provide over 200 quality recreation classes and activities for adults and children, including dance, sports, arts and other programming.

This article was released by the City of Huntington Beach.


  1. I’m so excited to be able to take the kiddos I work with there again! We love riding bikes & skates along the paths, playing baseball & watching the ballers shoot hoops. It will be awesome to be able to let them play on the play structures again! Always thought the fact that the fire station is literally right there would deter the adults that go there to live & party. The teenagers that go to school across the street have better sense than them & it’s scary to even park in that lot anymore. Bring back the parks! Central Library park next, please! Last time we were there I saw a drug deal go down in broad daylight. Disgusting.

  2. I used to hang out here as a kid. I played basketball, football, baseball, tennis, racquet ball and also used the ping pong table and pool table in doors. Now when I I take my kids there the park is a homeless camp. The kids were playing in the sand when I found a broken glass pipe. This is the parks biggest issue now.

  3. Its about time! As a long time resident of 48 years, I remember going across the street after school and spending most of my summer days playing bumper pool and ping pong in the dark and drafty gaming area. I still live in the area and now I its become a favorite hang out for the homeless community who are leaving their needles and instruments of booze consumption all around the area. Please add security for the safety of our children.

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