Senator Ling Ling Chang’s statement on SD29 election results

Senator Ling Ling Chang’s statement on the 29th Senate District election results:

“I have been patiently watching as ballots have been counted in all three counties and it does not appear that I will be able to make up the votes to win re-election. These are not the results we hoped for but the margin shows there is still a great deal of support for our efforts to ease the tax burden on Californians, bolster public health, and move toward economic recovery. I am so proud of all that my team and I have accomplished and serving as your Senator has been the greatest honor of my life.

“Now is not the time for speeches maligning political opponents. Now is the time for real leadership and I will continue to contribute to our community in whatever capacity I can. I have made sure that the incoming Senator has all the information needed to properly serve his constituents. I will ensure a smooth transition of this office and I will not act as other candidates have in the past, because my district deserves better than that. Many people are still struggling, seeking assistance for jobs lost and looking for leadership in their elected officials.

“To my supporters and volunteers, I want to say thank you. Together we made a huge impact and I hope you will continue to fight for our values – I know I will. Through this office we distributed hundreds of thousands of masks, sixty thousand pounds of bread and essentials, collaborating with more than one hundred community partners. Together, we have made a huge difference helping the community cope with the pandemic.

“Lastly, I want to encourage all young women to take the time to consider running for office – especially those in the API community. It is not easy but we need more of you in elected office. I started my career unseating a 20-year incumbent on a local water board and later had the honor of serving in the State Senate. After serving I can tell you having female voices in the halls of power is crucial for our state.”

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  1. The amount of junk political mail I got from both Ms. Chang and Mr. Newman was beyond disgusting; sometimes it was up to five pieces in the same day! I counted them up and the winner (by sending me the least) was Mr. Newman, so that’s who I voted for (reluctantly).

  2. Senator Ling Ling Chang. I was always impressed with the support you provided legislatively to the families dealing with mental illnesses. Those efforts and your watchful eye on our economy have been deeply appreciated. There will always be a place in our society for persons of high caliber such as yourself.

  3. We fired Josh Newman for doing a lousy job and raising our gas taxes. Then we rehired him so he can again do a lousy job and possibly raise our taxes. We’re a bunch of fools!

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