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St. Irenaeus Health Ministry holding CarePortal Zoom presentation on November 24

Have you ever wanted to be Santa Claus all year long? Here is your chance! Health Ministry at St. Irenaeus Church is proud to announce that St. Irenaeus Catholic Church has recently become a member of the CarePortal network, joining 2,419 other U.S. churches. We invite you to join our informative CarePortal Zoom Presentation on November 24th at 7 p.m. To register, send an email to [email protected]

CarePortal.org is a tech platform to connect people who have a need with people who can fulfill that need. You, too, can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth and their families who otherwise might have to resort to foster care placement for their child. You can play a part in supporting foster families, assisting foster youth who have aged out of the foster care system and are at high risk for human trafficking, and helping human trafficking survivors to become self-sufficient. This ecumenical organization is using online technology to bridge the gap between vulnerable youth in need with people who can respond to that need.
Here’s how it works. First, requests are vetted and submitted by a either a case worker, social worker or county or child welfare professional to the CarePortal network. Second, Response Teams will determine if they can fulfill this need. CarePortal will also note who has responded so everyone can easily see what needs are remaining.
There are several alternative levels of response. Tier One provides resources to stabilize the situation of children and their caregivers. Tier Two, one of the most important responses, provides support for children and families through sharing your time and developing caring relationships. Tier 3 is welcoming children or families either temporarily or permanently into your home.
There are multiple ways you can help meet the needs of these most vulnerable youth and their families through CarePortal. First, pray that those in need feel God’s love and mercy through these acts of generosity from our faith communities. Second, discern whether or not you and your family could serve as part of a Response Team. Parents could consider joining a Response Team as a family unit to model the virtues of caring and compassion to their children. Philanthropic organizations can join as a group, so the responsibilities are not on just one individual or family. When a request is received, the Response Team decides if this is a need they can fulfill, either fully or partially. Third, sign up as a Response Team member at our CarePortal Zoom Presentation on November 24th at 7 p.m. Finally, commit to serve as “God’s hands and feet upon the earth through CarePortal.”
If you have any questions, please contact Monica Kovach, St. Irenaeus Health Ministry Coordinator, at 310-490-6113.