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Letter to the Editor: California Ventilators

The coronavirus has disproportionately affected Californians. The number of positive tests continues to rise, which is putting lives at risk. President Trump and his administration have done nothing but stoked division over the past six months while failing to execute a coronavirus response to keep Americans safe.

Now that their failures are being examined in Congress, news reports appear to be shifting the blame to medical companies that manufactured life-saving equipment on the front lines of this pandemic. The United States didn’t have a full ventilator stockpile before companies like Philips, Hamilton, and Vyaire accepted the Department of Health and Human Services’ request to produce ventilators to ensure all Americans have access to one.

Once the stockpile was full, the Trump Administration canceled the ventilator contracts before the companies completed the order, and for some reason, the medical equipment manufacturers are taking the blame. These companies stepped up during a time of need, adding thousands of good-paying jobs to the economy in the process.

Manufacturers and their employees across America that worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week to produce life-saving equipment should not be vilified because of the Trump Administration’s coronavirus response failure. We need our Representative Ro Khanna to stand up for our community, and those who helped save lives, by holding this administration accountable.

Dolores Donnelly