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City of Cypress holding 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest

Photo Submission Deadline: Friday, December 11, 2020

Contest Guidelines

  • All residences and businesses within the City of Cypress are eligible
  • Submit one to three (1-3) photos of your decorated home/business
  • One (1) photo will be displayed on this web page as it is received
  • All participants will receive a yard sign noting their award or recognizing their participation starting Dec 18-21
  • There is no charge to participate in this “Holiday Decorating Contest”

For more questions or information call 714-229-6780

If you post your home decoration pictures to your personal social media pages, please use #HolidayCheer2020

Award Categories

  • “Best of the Best Award” – Recognizes the best applicant
  • “Santa’s Workshop Award” – Recognizes the best use of physical movement or illusion of physical movement
  • “Winter Wonderland Award” – Recognizes the best use of the front lawn and or yard presentation
  • “It’s a Wonderful Life Award” – Recognizes the most creative and imaginative presentation
  • “Light Up the Town Award” – Recognizes the best and most creative use of lights 
  • “Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree Award” – Recognizes the best use of music and technology
  • “Gingerbread Award” – Recognizes the best use of homemade decorations
  • “Magical Masterpiece Award” – Recognizes the most whimsical or humorous presentation
  • “Toyland Award” – Recognizes the best use of toys
  • “Classic Christmas Award” – Recognizes the best use of traditional decor
  • “North Star Award” – Recognizes participants in the contest
  • “Spirited Neighborhood Award” – Recognizes a neighborhood in which at least one-third of residents have decorated their homes/condos or a cluster of residences are decorated.

To enter the contest, click here.

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