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Weather in northwest Orange County for Sunday, November 22, 2020:


Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, sunny, with a high near 73. Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the afternoon.


Mostly clear, with a low around 49.

Highs are to remain in the upper 60s to low 70s through the week.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1542 New laws are passed in Spain giving Indians in America protection against enslavement.
  • 1847 In New York, the Astor Place Opera House, the city’s first operatic theater, is opened.
  • 1902 A fire causes considerable damage to the unfinished Williamsburg bridge in New York.
  • 1919 A Labor conference committee in the United States urges an eight-hour workday and a 48-hour week.
  • 1935 Pan Am inaugurates the first transpacific airmail service from San Francisco to Manila.
  • 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president.
  • 1964 Almost 40,000 people pay tribute to John F. Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery on the first anniversary of his death.
  • 1982 President Ronald Reagan calls for defense-pact deployment of the MX missile.
  • 1986 Justice Department finds memo in Lt. Col. Oliver North’s office on the transfer of $12 million to Contras of Nicaragua from Iranian arms sale.
  • 1988 First prototype of B-2 Spirit strategic stealth bomber unveiled for public viewing.
  • 1995 The first feature-length film created entirely with computer generated imagery – Toy Story – premiers.