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Senate Republican Leader Grove demands transparency as Newsom orders regional shutdowns

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) recently delivered two letters to Governor Newsom requesting he make fundamental adjustments to the existing Blueprint for a Safer Economy and provide imperative data relating to mental health statistics, the achievement gap, domestic violence, and child abuse since the governor’s shutdown order in March. These requests are urgent as today the governor announced a regional shutdown for non-essential industries. 

Click here to read the Blueprint for a Safer Economy letter and click here to read the Statewide Data letter request on consequences of COVID-19.

“Governor Newsom continues to disrupt life as we know it without releasing the full data behind his decisions or showing the impact his actions are having on our lives. With all the changing guidelines over the last 9 months, evidence-based decision-making has to become the standard and not this hodgepodge approach advanced by the governor. Californians have a right to public health data that is being used to shape their lives, and the governor owes the state leadership that is committed to transparency and accountability. 

“And to be clear, it’s not just about the numbers of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations he runs through in his almost-daily press conferences, but the data and facts about the toll his shutdown orders are taking on Californians’ mental health, on our children’s education, including the achievement gap, on domestic violence and child abuse rates. The response cannot be worse than the disease itself and we have to ensure the state’s actions are based on a holistic approach that protects our mental, social, and emotional well-being along with our physical health,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield).

This article was released by the California State Senate Republican Caucus.


  1. The Republicans in control in DC have proven themselves incapable of governing multiple times. They deny the current crisis and whine about unfair elections, only in the places they lose. Why should I believe another Republican in CA has a solution for anything other than a high taxes. There is supposed to be something called contact tracing to see how/where someone became ill… Notice that term and its actual practice has not been heard in months. There is no contact tracing, therefore no real story other than behavior, that causes a spread in one place but not another. Instead of presenting a Republican plan all we hear is anti-masking and stop the steal protests. No solution for anything. Some school districts have resumed in person classes again and don’t have a covid spread problem. That is because they have enforced discipline of masking, cleaning, and keeping people separated. Sadly that discipline represents a very small minority. Neither the Governor or CA Republicans want to stress discipline, the only want to score points with their constituents.

  2. Californians must decide if they are people or sheeple. How can it be okay to buy booze at 7-11 but not buy boots at a department store? Why is our governor forcing small businesses to go bankrupt? This absurdity has to stop before we are the United Socialist States of America!!! Join freedom loving Americans who use common sense regarding the virus. If you stay home and cower in fear while Democrats destroy this country, then you are just as responsible for what is happening to the United States.

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