La Palma police blotter, November 19 to November 24, 2020

The items shown below are selected from the logs of the La Palma Police Department. The police blotter is not a comprehensive listing of police-related incidents in the city, and no inference of guilt is implied in showing any item in the La Palma police blotter.

November 19, 2020

Suspicious Circumstances – 9:02 a.m. – 5000 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – A female transient advised that a male was grabbing at her and harassing her. The reporting party advised that the subject was attempting to help her move belongings and she did not want his help. The subject had been drinking heavily and was transported to the hospital.
Municipal Code Violation – 2:16 p.m. – 7900 block of Walker St. – A male subject was reportedly urinating on the sidewalk. Police were unable to locate the subject.

November 20, 2020

Bike Stop – 10:15 p.m. – Moody/Houston – A bicyclist failed to yield police. The subject fought with police. Police arrested a 37-year-old female subject for outstanding felony warrants and resisting an officer. The subject requested paramedics for stomach pains in pregnancy distress. The subject was transported to the hospital for medical clearance. The subject was medically cleared and transported to Orange County Jail for booking. Police detained a subject in cuffs, and the subject was positively identified by an employee. Police arrested a 31-year-old female for misdemeanor DUI, assault, driving on a license revoked or suspended for DUI, petty theft, and receiving/concealing stolen property.
Disturbance (Subject) – 11:37 p.m. – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – A female subject who had possibly been drinking was verbally threatening people and refusing to leave. The subject threw an item at the clerk.

November 21, 2020

Foot Patrol – 10:45 p.m. – Moody/Coyote Creek –Spousal Abuse – 11:03 p.m. – 7700 block of Valley View St. – The caller stated that his ex-wife “clawed” him on the face. Police contacted the female subject, who was arrested for spousal abuse. An emergency protection order was denied.

November 22, 2020

Public Works Information – 8:29 a.m. – 7792 Walker St. (La Palma Police Department) – Power was lost in Dispatch. A unit also saw a power outage in the area of Moody/Windsong. The power went out again five minutes later. Power was restored throughout the city within half an hour.
Disturbance (Music) – 8:44 a.m. – 8000 block of Walker St. – A complaint was made of a church service outside with loud music. Police determined that the noise was at moderate level and the service was in compliance with the governor’s orders.

November 23, 2020

Welfare Check – 1:51 p.m. – 5100 block of Toulouse Dr. – The caller requested a welfare check of the neighbor’s 10-year-old son. The caller had witnessed the son locked out of the house where the son was banging on doors and windows trying to get in. Police contacted both the mother and son. Both admitted that the son has video gaming addition and that he’s not completing his schoolwork. Regarding the incident where he was locked outside, both admitted that he was bothering the mother while she was making an important phone call.

November 24, 2020

Suspicious Subject – 6:52 a.m. – La Luna/Moody – A subject was reportedly hiding behind a dumpster watching a male unload construction equipment in the business. Police arrested a 42-year-old male subject for an outstanding felony warrant. The subject was booked at Orange County Jail.
Petty Theft – 7:45 p.m. – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – The reporting party advised that a subject took two rib sandwiches approximately five minutes prior. The loss was $5.00. The suspect was a regular customer. Prosecution was desired.
Drunk Driver – 7:52 p.m. – La Palma/Walker – Police investigated an incident involving a grey Jeep Cherokee versus an unknown type vehicle in the southbound number two lane. One of the drivers had been drinking and was possibly under the influence. Police conducted a DUI investigation and issued field sobriety tests. A 42-year-old female subject was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. A tow truck was requested for the vehicle.