featured graphic for Michelle Steel, Orange County Supervisor for District 2 and current Chairwoman of the Board of Orange County Supervisors, during COVID-19

Michelle Steel votes with Board of Supervisors to adopt the Healthy Communities Resolution

Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted alongside her colleagues to adopt the Healthy Communities Resolution, which recognizes that California is geographically diverse and ill-suited to region-wide restrictions and that Orange County is best suited to respond locally to the COVID-19 virus.

The resolution would also commit to the principle that school districts be able to safely open and that in person instruction be allowed to the greatest extent possible without further delay.

“Governor Newsom keeps moving the goalpost. The lumping of more than 22 million people out of the state’s population of 40 million in one region, from San Luis Obispo and Mono Counties in Central California down to the border makes no sense,” said Chairwoman Steel. “The Governor’s top down actions have been an inconsistent mess. He started with deaths and hospitalizations, then positivity rates, then moved the bar to the to the colored tier system, then added health equity and now another lockdown. These moves haven’t stopped the spread of the virus but have severely harmed families ability to make a living.”

“Young, healthy people need to go back to work while we take care of our vulnerable population,” added Chairwoman Steel. “Instead of these top-down orders, I support local control. We know our county better than the Governor. We must be able to protect the most vulnerable and keep residents safe, while also protecting residents’ ability to work and feed their families.”

This article was released by the Office of Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel.


  1. You use common sense to work for all those in Orange County and are appreciated for standing up for those you serve. We can social distance, care for the vulnerable and still walk and work.

  2. Thank you Michelle for your great insight… & Helping us to move forward once again…

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