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California Superior Court issues preliminary injunction to prohibit enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions against Catholic Church

On September 29, the Thomas More Society submitted a suit on behalf of Father Trevor Burfitt that charged Governor Gavin Newsom with ”eight distinct violations of Burfitt’s rights under the Constitution of California.“

On December 10, Judge Gregory Pulskamp of the California Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of COVID-19 related restrictions on Father Burfitt and the mission churches that he oversees.

The injunction has state-wide implications.

According to Thomas More Society Special Counsel Christopher Ferrara:

After more than nine months of tyranny in the name of ‘containing the spread’ of a virus they have failed to contain, the gubernatorial dictators presiding over draconian lockdowns are running out of runway on their claim that churches are somehow more dangerous viral vectors than any of the litany of ‘essential businesses’ crowded with customers that they allow to operate at 100% capacity.”

According to the the Thomas More Society:

The court specifically singled out the provisions of Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy and his Regional Stay at Home Order as failing to treat houses of worship in a manner “equal to the favored class of entities,” meaning “[e]ntities permitted to engage in indoor activities – also known as ‘essential businesses’ or ‘critical infrastructure’ – includ[ing] big-box retail stores, grocery stores, home improvement stores, hotels, airports, train stations, bus stations, movie production houses, warehouses, factories, schools, and a lengthy list of additional businesses.”

The complaint was filed in Kern County and can be downloaded here (pdf).

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  1. Thank you Thomas More Society – for acting on behalf of Fr. Burfitt – Newsom’s actions do not follow Science & the Catholic & other Churches should be allowed to continue to hold services “inside” their buildings – not having to “kneel” in their parking lots or sit inside their vehicles for Church Services…
    While Newsom travels out of State with his wife to shop for designer hand bags & get haircuts & attend parties/gatherings in Napa Valley at the French Laundry Restaurant spending $$$ of “our” taxpayer 6-figure salary – this is Socialism under a Dictator…

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