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Marketing and more: RINOs and Never Trumpers should concede!

No one in Washington, D.C. knows my name. My phone number isn’t on their cell phone directory. Powerful establishment movers and shakers of both parties, whose every word is often heralded as breaking news, would ignore me if we passed on the street.

Dec. 12 "Stop the Steal - Stop the Lockdown" rally in Cypess organized by West Orange County Republican Women Federated at the Knotts Avenue/Katella Avenue intersection.
Dec. 12 “Stop the Steal – Stop the Lockdown” rally in Cypess organized by West Orange County Republican Women Federated at the Knotts Avenue/Katella Avenue intersection.

But I am one of the most influential people in the United States of America because I am a Trumplican! Trumplicans are the Republican Party; our power growing by the day. (Just look at the sinking ratings for Fox News.) Its RINOs and Never Trumpers (Lincoln Project) that should concede and leave the Republican Party!

The Republican Establishment should fear the millions like me. Infinitely loyal to President Trump, we think of ourselves as Trumplicans first, Republicans second. We’re the ones who drove or flew long distances and waited hours in the hot sun or pouring rain to hear candidate and then President Trump speak to us, America’s forgotten men and women. If the fraudulent Biden presidency occurs, we would still do the same to hear President Trump speak.

RINOs and Never Trumpers foolishly believe that if Donald Trump is out of the White House, they can repackage the Republican Party back to the old days. Contrary to their cocktail party chatter Trumplicans now have all the power and influence. Without Trumplican support, no Republican wins their primary or gets elected to any office in any city of any state.

During the campaign President Trump spoke to record-breaking crowds while Joe Biden hid in his basement to minimize early signs of dementia. With fraud planned in key Democrat controlled cities, the fix was in and Biden didn’t have to go anywhere. A few days before the election, Biden admitted this in an interview –

“We have put together one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organizations in the history of American politics.”

Fraud claims include:

  • Large quantities of absentee ballots that were all for Biden and lacked down-ticket votes.
  • Pre-printed ballots where only the president race was filled in – for Joe Biden.
  • Biden underperforming Hillary Clinton except for four key cities that moved the state from Trump: Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
  • Jurisdictions that used Dominion voting software that allegedly can flip votes.
  • American votes counted in foreign countries.
  • Voters showing up in person to vote but turned away because they were told they already voted.
  • Ballots in suitcases hidden under tables that were counted after Republican observers were ordered to leave.

You can set your watch to ridiculous RINO and Never Trumper calls for President Trump to concede an election highlighted by massive fraud in key Democrat-controlled cities – as witnesses and videos detail. Not this time! Trumplicans refuse to follow the standard Republican routine that occurs whenever Democrats commit election fraud:

  • Meekly protest
  • Loudly admit defeat
  • Go on news shows and talk about the next election

You’ve heard of “Doctors Without Borders.” They are “Republicans Without Backbones.”

Trumplicans Run the Party Now

Trumplicans are supposed to believe that the 2020 election was a Red Wave except for President Trump – Fuhgeddaboudit!

It’s ludicrous for RINOs and Never Trumpers to expect Trumplican support when they are in bed with the Democratic Socialist Party seeking to make nice with Communist China and Terrorist Iran and other anti-United States governments. They embrace an “America Last” philosophy while Trumplicans strongly believe in “America First.”

Trumplicans will not play “D.C. Ping Pong” where Republicans and Democrats attack each other on news shows, but behind Congressional doors cheerfully sing “Happy Together.” Whether the rampant fraud that digitally converted Trump votes into Biden votes is successfully proven in court along with other Democrat shenanigans, Trumplicans have had it with spineless elected Republicans that failed to support President Trump. They will be primaried out! Adios Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to name three.

School safety activist and Trump supporter Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting because authorities didn’t do what was necessary when they had numerous warnings about the mass shooter’s instability and threats, was interviewed on Newsmax on Nov. 23 about the overall mood of Trump supporters –

“We should remember these people (Republicans) that aren’t supporting President Trump right now, and when it comes time for them to run in the primary I’m not going to support any candidate that’s not going to stand by our president right now. …We’re making a list … now is the time to support our president as he’s always put America First.”

Trumplicans are posting on social media, calling elected Republicans, writing newspaper editors and organizing “Stop the Steal” rallies where they meet other like-minded Trumplicans. At these uplifting events email addresses are exchanged to keep everyone informed about the coup d’etat. Trumplicans prefer email since Big Tech (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) and Little Tech (Nextdoor) censors’ posts to push a socialist/communist agenda.

Republican Establishment elected officials that didn’t earnestly support President Trump in his fight to stop the Democratic Socialist Party’s theft of the presidential election will be in for a major surprise in 2021. At their own political peril, they will have underestimated Trumplican energy and outrage. Unlike the Republican Establishment, Trumplicans have solid spines. To paraphrase Republican Teddy Roosevelt, Trumplicans have “more backbone than a chocolate eclair.”

“Have Yourself a Precious Little Christmas”

In the spirit of the Christmas/Hanukkah Season, patriotic Americans are invited to bring items and/or gift cards for Precious Life Shelter to the Saturday, Dec. 19 “Stop the Steal – Stop the Lockdown – Support Law Enforcement” rally. Precious Life (located in Los Alamitos) is an emergency, transitional, and single parent efficiency program providing a safe environment for pregnant women or new mothers with no place to live. Hosted by West Orange County Republican Women Federated, the peaceful rally begins at 10 a.m. on Seal Beach Blvd. at the Rossmoor Shopping Center (by Hof’s Hut). Info: [email protected]


  1. We cannot allow this cheating at the polls. We must START A RECALL BIDEN and get it done before January 20th, also DISQUALIFY his V.P. as she is not qualified to be VP or President of America. She is a NATIVE born American and NOT a NATURAL born American. You need to be a NATURAL born American in order to even run for President or Vice President. So she is disqualified. Check the Constitution about this. Her parents were not American Citizens at the time of her birth therefore making her at NATIVE not NATURAL form American. RECALL RECALL RECALL

  2. “For true Patriots to be silent is dangerous”—John Adams.

    Thank you for speaking out as a true Patriot. Those who rely on mainstream media or social media for information tend to be ill-informed, and repeat the false talking points perpetuated by Biden/KH and the DNC. President Trump was never a racist—that’s a word that’s been co-opted by the left describing every Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan to create fear and division and engender votes. The “cages,” were created during the Obama Biden administration, yet the photos are always falsely attributed to President Trump.

    While everyone counts deaths from Covid and blames President Trump, those same critics fail to acknowledge that it was Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo, Deblasio who all called the travel ban which saved lives, “xenophobic .” Deaths caused by governors and mayors who put virus infected people into elderly nursing homes. In an unprecedented matter of months, despite a virus unleashed on the world by a foreign adversary with ties to the Biden family, a chauffeur of Feinstein, and someone from that same country who has compromised and infiltrated Swalwell and others, President Trump initiated project “warp speed.”

    President Trump sent two Navy ships to each coast, unprecedented amounts of PPE sent to all 50 states, to replenish the stock pile emptied by Obama Biden, successful therapeutics, and now vaccines, all in a matter of months. Yet Biden’s solution was mandatory mask wearing for his first hundred days. Note to Biden— we’ve all been wearing masks and social distancing— all except for the thousands of virus infected inmates released by Democrat governors into the general population; those BLM and antifa rioters committing criminality which Mayor Gil Garcetti stated caused the spike in LA County; Gavin Newsom and his medical lobbyist friends and San Francisco Mayor. all dining at the French restaurant; DeBlasio at the gym; Cuomo and his family and George Stephanopoulos all walking around maskless while they had the virus; and Pelosi at the beauty salon. Hypocrisy? Certainly not Patriots.

    A patriot doesn’t leave an ambassador and military heroes in Benghazi Libya to die; nor give billions in cash and more billions to the biggest sponsor of terror in the Middle East Iran all while emboldening terrorists and the caliphate— The same Iran who had our Navy man on their knees hands behind their head captured, nor give monies to terrorists like Hezbollah. Patriot doesn’t plagiarize speeches by British Minister Neil Kennick, Bobby Kennedy and others, all while lying about being jailed with Nelson Mandela and other wild stories.

    A patriot doesn’t arm drug cartels like in the failed “fast and furious”; nor call every day Americans “bad people,” “dregs of society,” “ugly people,” and “chumps,” all because they support the president rather than him. A patriot doesn’t try to jail James Rosen and AP reporters like Obama Biden because they disagree and question your policies; nor set up and try to ruin Genetal Flynn for the same reason.

    A patriot doesn’t call the former dragon of the KKK his mentor and friend and vote with him and his segregationist friends, nor create crime bills that disproportionately imprison minorities, and disparage Jews, Blacks, and Indians. A patriot also doesn’t trade on his name and position to enrich his family with our adversaries, while threatening allies going back to his days in the US Senate, like Israel, or use $350,000 US taxpayer dollars to try to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu and interfere in our ally, Israel’s elections.

    Everything above is easily researched and verified. Just as the number of deaths caused in the world by socialism/Marxism are easily researched. Biden is beholden to the left as BLM and the representative from Michigan reminded him. The Antifa website was even linked to the Biden Harris campaign for donations.
    Those along with the media elite, the billionaires and or foreign entities own Biden.

    This country was built on Judeo Christian values of faith, family, freedom and liberty. Those of us who have family who died or those whose parents survived the Holocaust know what real fascism and totalitarianism entails. To make false MSM comparisons to President Trump demeans their memories and denigrates the service and sacrifice of those of us whose parents died, or fought and were wounded in World War II all the wars before and all the wars afterwards. Unlike Biden, President Trump is beholden to no one. He loves America and Americans.

    Our parents did not fight to “fundamentally change” America by defunding police, destroying law and order, and replacing freedom and individual rights with total government takeover and control. We stand on the shoulders of true patriots who fought to preserve the America that we love, Not to “build back “ and put America last.

    Joe is no patriot he hasn’t been for 47 years he’s just another corrupt politician. The election revealed plenty of evidence of fraud (issues with dominion machines, smartMatic software, dead people voting, pollsters unable to view counting, ballots manipulated and destroyed, etc.) . TRUE Patriots came/come forward in sworn statements under penalty of perjury, whistleblowers, and others, on behalf of ensuring the integrity of our elections now and going forward. While some lacked the courage to hear all of the testimony and evidence, and others caved in to threats of harm to themselves and their families, Patriots everywhere are standing united in seeking questions and answers to the evidence that keeps coming forward in order to ensure that every legal vote counts and that every illegal vote is discounted.

    Thank you for your article, for standing on behalf of President Trump, a great Patriot, and for saying out loud what so many patriots are feeling.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts I enjoyed reading your comment. You expressed yourself very well. I wish I could write like you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a Blessed Day!!! ;))

  3. Excellent points! Impossible to believe that Americans voted for the very corrupt Joe Biden. The man has dementia! Start taking bets on how long Biden will last before Communist Kamala takes over.
    History will show President Trump as one of our best presidents.
    I also have had it with Republicans that have jellyfish spines. If the RHINOs don’t leave the GOP, I will become an Independent. Great article!

  4. Well this is a nice little boring essay by someone who doesn’t have a clue but sure likes to say all the same stale lines that Trump has been spewing for years.
    Insult the opponents. Check.
    Accuse everyone of what is bothering you. Check.
    Pretending that Trump isn’t a racist little idiot with dementia that is making him even more coherent. Check.
    Screaming Socialism as if Capitalism is actually working. Definitely.
    Screaming Socialism without knowing what Socialism means. Yep.

    Claiming that Trump Republicans own the party because they are more dedicated and risk catching covid-19 for their cult leader. Check.

    Funny how many people stopped being afraid of Socialism in the last 4 years because we saw what happens when we try to make nice with [email protected] idiots who scream socialist when they aren’t yelling “globalist” (dog whistle for Jew, of course).

    Social Security, basic income, universal health care, billionaires paying their fair share of taxes, the end of predatory lending, people being paid what they are worth instead of what the exploitative plutocrats can get away with – yeah, that’s scary Socialism.

    Funny how it’s more popular than ever after years of Trump trying to rob every government agency and his gullible followers.

    But I suppose Trump voters need to scream these inane lines. ANything to distract them from their culpability in the building of kiddy concentration camps and 300K covid-19 deaths.

    1. It is amazing how DECEITFUL AND INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST liberals like yourself can be Tim..

      Im sure your a great guy, but how you can buy into the childlike belief that Trump entered politics to enrich himself and his cronies makes me wonder if my two crticisms above assume to much on your behalf..

      Still to clarify, you are deceitful because you know the kiddy camps – if you’r e referring to the cages_ were ordered built by Obama, and as a Latino I am offended by anyone who ignores a well known fact, and just repeats the party lie..

      You are intellectually dishonest, because you place the entire blame of how Trump handled the virus on his shoulders when he had an entire mainstream media campaign , big tech, and an entire political party criticizing his every move, silencing his supporters (including scientists) , distorting his words, and rooting for more deaths and more lockdowns.. The only hope we had was if the two sides put politics aside for the good f the country but we know that never happened.

      I live in Los Angeles, ground zero for the Covid Surge and there are no Trump Supporters here, just a bunch of Democrats who dont care if they die.

  5. Jon, you obviously have not been paying attention. The fraud committed by the Democrat party was breathtaking and was out there and available for all to see. President Trump did not lose the election. It was stolen in 4 cities. Easy to do that they only had to get to those cities.

    1. Multiple state and Federal judges saw all the alleged fraud and showed the Trump legal teams the exit. Even the Supreme Court that Trump stacked with 3 judges said sorry Donny, get out. You always Trumpers need to set up your own state and federal court system to get going on your great evidence. Please go ahead and kick the RINOs to the curb and keep writing checks to the Stop The Steal fund, payable to Mr. Trump and sign the checks as Mr. or Ms. Chump

  6. I fully agree! And I know others agree with everything in this article because I have been going to the Stop the Steal rallies at the HB Pier and other places. Join us on Saturday, Dec 19 as there will be Stop the Steal rallies all over the country.

    There is a growing group of Trump supporting Republicans who are disgusted with spineless Republicans! If President Trump doesn’t prevail in his legal battles because there is so much fraud in this election that was stolen from him and if he decides to start a new political party, millions of his supporters are going to leave the Republican Party. I will. As it is now I might switch to Independent. We are just tired of spineless Republicans!!!!!

  7. Is this a satirical piece? If so it should be labelled obviously as such.

    It’s really hard to tell if its a poorly told joke, or an actually insane person spraying out infowars (low)quality propaganda.

    If its not a joke it’s approaching maskirovka levels of lying straight to the face of your opponents for some sort of tactical advantage.

  8. It is pretty sad to see opinions be voiced as facts. These people don’t know how democracy works. Coming from someone who is independent who has voted for both Republicans and Democrats, you guys should step back and accept the fact that he lost. The more you give yourselves into the lies, the more you will become a distanced from civility, and lean towards dictatorship. The way you present yourselves is not what the majority want, it’s what a fascists dictator is. At least have some dignity.

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