featured graphic for Cypress city news during COVID-19. Background photo by C.E.H. Wiedel. Seal of the City of Cypress courtesy of the City of Cypress.

Cypress Council reorganizes with Peat as Mayor, Berry as Mayor Pro Tem

The last regular meeting of the year for the Cypress City Council opened with a video thanking outgoing termed-out members, Rob Johnson and Mariellen Yarc, and congratulating incoming members Anne Hertz and Frances Marquez.

Included in the video was a greeting from Congressman Alan Lowenthal, whose district includes the City of Cypress.

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva spoke during public comments to the same theme, as did Rachel Strong, who ran but did not win a seat on this Council.

Before the new Council members were seated, the prior Council voted to certify the results of the general municipal election. Besides the new Council members, that election also saw the voters of Cypress approve Measure P.

After the new Council members were seated, nominations were opened for Mayor. Councilman Paulo Morales nominated Jon Peat. Councilwoman Anne Hertz seconded. The vote was unanimous for approval.

Nominations were then opened for Mayor Pro Tem. Mayor Jon Peat nominated Stacy Berry. The vote for approval was again unanimous.


  1. Frances. Does not represent our community. She is a radical leftist. She only got a seat bc so many people ran and the votes were split among our rational candidates. I believe she only had about 20% of the vote. She was supported bc of money she recieved from special interest groups. A really bad step for our community.

  2. So now the City of Cypress has a socialist on their City Council: Frances Marquez. Maybe next election we can get a few more socialists on the city council and if we are really lucky Cypress can become like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco …. and all those other “wonderful” cities where looting and rioting is the norm.

    1. Agreed. At some time the “sleeping giant” will be awakened. That will be ugly. But in the shorter term we can expect more cheesy high density condos built by out of town carpet baggers.

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