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Los Alamitos 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest winners

The Los Alamitos Recreation and Community Services Department would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest. Judges enjoyed the variety of holiday decorations ranging from lights, decorated trees, and holiday characters! to Santa’s! 1st and 2nd place winners in each Los Alamitos neighborhood will be receiving signs to display in front of their home. This event would not be possible without the gracious sponsorship from Ganahl Lumber!

Apartment Row
1st place – 3692 Green Ave.
2nd place – 4311 Howard St.

Carrier Row
1st place – 11011 Bunker Hill Dr.
2nd place – 11131 Ticonderoga Dr.

Country Square
1st place – 3871 Kinmount St.
2nd place – 8291 Kinmount St.

1st place – 3972 Shasta Ave.
2nd place – 3996 Myra Ave.

New Dutch Haven
1st place – 5012 Howard Ave.
2nd place – 5091 Antietam

Old Dutch Haven
1st place – 3532 Thor Ave.
2nd place – 11342 Pine St.

El Dorado Park Estate East
1st place – 3221 Lilly Ave.
2nd place – 3100 Marna Ave.

Old Town West
1st place – 10722 Chestnut St.
2nd place – 10672 Chestnut St.

Old Town East
1st place – 3332 Florista St.
2nd place – 10832 Walnut st.

1st place – 12541 Rainier Cir.
2nd Place – 5002 Apollo Cir.

1st place – 11632 Paseo Bonita
2nd place – 11832 Cherry St.

Royal Oak Mobile Home Park
1st place – Space #46
2nd place – Space #70

Suburbia Estates
1st place– 11350 Maple St.
2nd place – 11264 Rochelle St.

1st place – 10473 Del Norte Way
2nd place – 3642 San Joaquin Ave.

College Park North
1st place – 3822 Fenley Drive
2nd place – 3121 Holden Cir.

This article was released by the City of Los Alamitos.