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California Fitness Alliance encourages millions of members to participate in the State’s contact tracing program

The California Fitness Alliance is doing its part to promote CA Notify, the newly created contact tracing app that allows Californians to be notified if they come in close and prolonged contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19. Continuing its mission to help Californians stay healthy, today CFA partners sent emails to their members and launched a social media campaign urging members to sign up using the app and help with contact tracing. This campaign will reach several million Californians.

“Contact tracing is an important component of managing COVID-19 spread and allowing California to safely reopen,” said Francesca Schuler, CFA advisory board member and CEO of In-Shape Health Clubs. “As an essential business, we continue to do our part to keep Californians safe and healthy, and we encourage all Californians to do the same.”

Contact tracing also provides data to inform state policies on what to open and close. New York just released the results of its contact tracing efforts showing that only .06% of COVID-19 cases in the state were traced back to gyms, with almost 74% traced to household gatherings. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is keeping gyms open based on this data which will help people stay mentally and physically healthy during a challenging winter. Governor Tim Walz in Minnesota also just reopened gyms indoors, with restrictions.

“Because members must always check in, fitness is one of the only industries that always knows exactly who is at our facilities and when, so we have long been proponents of the role contact tracing plays in slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Randy Karr, CFA Advisory board member and CEO of California Family Fitness.

Outdoor fitness has been deemed essential in the latest shelter in place order. Gyms comply with strict guidelines, including mandating wearing a mask, imposing social distancing and increased cleaning protocols. CFA is pushing for indoor fitness to open as well, with restrictions, noting fitness is essential for physical and mental health and all Californians should have access to a safe and equitable way to exercise.

The California Fitness Alliance is the united voice of fitness professionals in California advocating for growth for the fitness industry in a safe and healthy way to serve more and keep our state fit. Our members include health clubs, boutiques, studios, fitness professionals, manufactures and suppliers, and individuals. We represent all regions of the state, urban and rural, small and large. We provide everything from basic workout facilities to full service programs. https://californiafitnessalliance.com/

This article was released by the California Fitness Alliance.


  1. Are there any results from the data collected? Can we see it?

  2. We are now living in a communist state. If I got the virus, I would tell CA Notify that I was alone for the previous two weeks. That I don’t remember where I went or who I might have been with. How can so many people be willing to make this state (this country) into East Germany?

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