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Rep. Lou Correa joins bipartisan House supermajority in passing new stimulus legislation with $2,000 individual payments

Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46) joined his House colleagues in passing the CASH Act, a tailored bill that increases individual stimulus payments to $2000 and increases eligible non-child dependents to include elderly relatives and children away at college.

Rep. Lou Correa said, “Today a supermajority of Republicans and Democrats came together to pass the CASH Act—new COVID-19 legislation that provides struggling Americans with $2,000 cash checks. Americans need support. Millions are out of work and millions more at risk of losing their homes and life savings. With vaccines rolling out and the end in sight, Congress has a duty to end this nightmare by ensuring Americans have the resources they need to survive the economic damage caused by this once-in-a-century pandemic. Providing Americans with emergency relief is our best tool at ensuring struggling Americans can continue staying afloat.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the House has fought to provide Americans with additional support and assistance, but the Senate has blocked us at every turn. I strongly urge the Senate to join the House and President Trump in immediately passing this bill. Americans want this and we need to get it to them.”

BACKGROUND: The CASH Act increases individual stimulus payments to $2000 from $600 and increases eligible non-child dependents to include elderly relatives and children away at college. The stand-alone and tailored legislation will provide $2,000 checks for fifteen million Americans.

Fighting For Orange County Working Families: Over the past nine months, Congressman Lou Correa has vigorously fought for his constituents in Washington, D.C., and has voted in support of six COVID-19 relief packages. Additionally, the Congressman has introduced four bills to address the pandemic, including expanding protections for TSA employees and travelers and the creation of a whistleblower hotline to protect taxpayer money spent on COVID-19 relief efforts. He has also cosponsored 38 other COVID-19 bills, including legislation to protect struggling small businesses, expand healthcare access, and invest in communities hit hard by the disease.

Congressman Correa has advocated for expanding food assistance benefits, housing and mortgage assistance, and community clinic funding to protect low and middle-income Orange County families most affected by the pandemic’s devastation.

Congressman Correa also leads the charge to ensure taxpaying noncitizens and mixed-status families were included in federal relief programs. Prior to the Congressman’s actions, households with a noncitizen parent were excluded from receiving federal stimulus assistance.

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Lou Correa.

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  1. $600???
    It’s all BORROWED money!
    And look at what is being given to other countries. Insane!
    I am retired, but my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids will be paying for this “stimulus.”

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