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Center for American Liberty files opening brief in appeal for #OpenCASchools lawsuit

The Center for American Liberty (@Liberty_Ctr), in coordination with the Dhillon Law Group (@dhillonlaw) and Eimer Stahl LLP, filed the opening brief in the appeal for the #OpenCASchools lawsuit yesterday to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Click here to view and download the opening brief.

The #OpenCASchools lawsuit was originally filed in July 2020. On Dec.1, 2020, the United States District Court granted a sua sponte motion for summary judgment in favor of the defendants, leaving public and private school facilities closed across most of the state

“The right to a basic minimum education is fundamental—it is deeply rooted in our Nation’s history and traditions and inherent in the concept of ordered liberty—but the State’s disastrous experiment with so-called “distance learning” has deprived them of this basic right in violation of the Due Process Clause,” the opening brief says. “These hardships fell even more harshly on minority, poor, and disabled students. Online participation for these students was often less than 10 percent. The July 7 study by LAUSD found that ‘Black and Latino students showed participation rates between 10 and 20 percentage points lower than white and Asian peers.”

Quick facts:

  • San Francisco Chronicle: California Gov. Newsom’s 4 kids are back in the classroom at private school
  • US News & World Report: CDC: Most Coronavirus Infections in Kids Not Linked to School
  • CNBC: UNICEF executive director: Covid has created a global education emergency
  • NBC News: Covid is having a devastating impact on children — and the vaccine won’t fix everything

“The liberal elites running California continue to create two sets of rules—one of Michelin starred dining and privilege that they enjoy and the other a massive shutdown that deprives children their right to an education, deprives the faith community the right to worship, and deprives small business owners their right to earn a living, said Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban), CEO of the Center for American Liberty. “That is why we are taking our lawsuit to reopen California schools to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to ensure that all children in California, regardless of their zip code, are afforded the same fundamental right to education.”

Press coverage of the original lawsuit:

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