featured graphic for Michelle Steel, Congresswoman for California’s 48th District, during COVID-19

Congresswoman Michelle Steel (CA-48) tests positive for COVID-19

This afternoon Rep. Michelle Steel (CA-48) released the following statement:

This morning I learned I had been in contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. I have no symptoms, but out of an abundance of caution received a test through the Office of the Attending Physician this afternoon and tested positive. At the advice of the Attending Physician, and to protect the health of my colleagues, I will be quarantining.

The article above was released by the office of Congresswoman Michelle Steel (R-CA48).


  1. You faked this positive test so you would not have your votes recorded on Jan-6-2021 about confirming or challenging the votes of Electoral College. Keep it up Michelle, You are looking for excuses like the two Cabinet members did, they resigned so they don’t have to vote on the 25th Amendment issue if it comes to a vote. Impeachment vote coming next week. Make sure you have a cold next week so you won’t have to do your job by being in the Capitol

    1. Joseph,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      There were two (2) roll call votes on the challenge to the electoral college certification, one on January 6 at 11:08 p.m. and one on January 7 at 3:08 a.m..

      Congresswoman Michelle Steel did not vote either time, as she was in quarantine.

      Congresswoman Young Kim did not vote the first time but did vote Nay the second time.

      There is no evidence to support your assertion that Congresswoman Steel faked a positive result to the COVID-19 test. Such an action would require the cooperation of the attending physician, which seems unlikely.

      There is no evidence to support your assertion that the two Cabinet members who resigned — Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos — did so in order to avoid invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

      Congresswoman Steel announced the positive test result and ensuing self-quarantine on January 6 prior to the storming of the Capitol. Current CDC guidelines call for a minimum quarantine of 10 days, so she will likely remain away from Capitol Hill through the end of next week — unless she exhibits serious symptoms during quarantine.

      We can all hope and pray that she will be cleared from quarantine to take up her elective duties shortly thereafter.

      Can we not?

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

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