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Congressman Lowenthal issues statement on storming of U.S. Capitol Building by mob

Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47), today, issued the following statement on the storming and occupation of the U.S. Capitol Building by supporters of President Trump:

“This was a frightening day, for me, and for our country. Marauding rioters, who in their own words were intent on overthrowing the government, invaded and occupied the U.S. Capitol, a sacred space that belongs to every American.

“I know we will survive this crisis, together. Our democracy, our Constitution, and our rule of law—the things that make us Americans—are stronger than any building. Even in the face of terror, Democrats and Republicans will come together to ensure that Joe Biden, who overwhelmingly and clearly won the election, will take office on January 20th. We will not be intimidated.

“The full force of the law should be brought against anyone who participated in this attempted coup. Everyone who tried to disrupt the democratic process, damaged property, and put lives at risk must be held accountable. That includes President Trump, whose blatant lies motivated the violence, and whose rhetoric encouraged it—even as violence raged. He must be held accountable.

“Congress must impeach and remove the president immediately. He is an imminent danger to our country, and we cannot allow him to further damage our republic. He cannot be allowed to pardon his allies, to encourage violence, or to further disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. Even one more day in office is a risk we cannot afford.

“I thank the men and women of the Capitol Police for their efforts, and to the brave staff, and press who did their duty under these dangerous conditions.”

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Alan Lowenthal.


  1. In defense of the Capital police: They looked at years of non-violent MAGA rallies and probably decided that would be the norm. However, they should have been monitoring social media and also noticed the ANTIFA-like people dispersed in the crowd.

  2. Rep. Alan Lowenthal continues to be an embarrassment to those who live in his district. This article by Lowenthal proves my point. (Unless I missed all his articles condemning Antifa and Black Lives Matter for their rioting.)

  3. Did I miss all of Rep Lowenthal’s comments when Black Lives Matter and Antifa were rioting in DC? Burning? Looting? Defacing and destroying statues? Rep Lowenthal like a lot of other socialists likes some violence (BLM and Antifa), but not other. All violence is wrong. There are reports that Antifa was told to go to DC and wear Trump clothes with the purpose of causing violence.

    President Trump will not be impeached unless people want to see this country have a Second Civil War. Rep Lowenthal and others might not like it but President Trump has millions of supporters. If you want to support Joe Biden, an elderly man with dementia, that is up to you. But Rep Lowenthal if you are going to condemn violence, condemn ALL violence starting with Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

  4. How about an express Impeachment? If the Impeachment process is not initiated then the VP will do nothing concerning exercising the 25th Amendment, they will just run out the clock until Jan-20. The Capitol Police force should have multiple firings, specially after photos surfaced of them letting rioters enter the building and this protest was planned weeks ago. These MAGA white trash rioters were carrying confederate flags in the building and took down the US flag and replaced with a Trump 2020 flag. The DHS needs to be re-organized, they can’t do their jobs either. Why are we paying $billions for security in this country when something like this happens or more recently an RV explodes in Nashville and the bomber was know to law enforcement.

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