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Room with a view: Vandals loot the Capitol

On August 24, 410 A.D., Rome fell to invading barbarians. Pagans blamed Christians and Christianity. St. Augustine responded with preaching and a Christian classic text, The City of God.

On January 6, 2021, a mob of soi-disant patriots incited by the President of the United States attacked a co-equal branch of the United States government in the middle of its Constitutional duty to certify the results of the November 2020 presidential election. Vandals looted the Capitol.

Page A3 of today’s print edition of the Orange County Register displays a photo with the following caption:

About 200 Trump supporters hold a MAGA Rally in Seal Beach on Wednesday. The event, sponsored by West Orange County Republican Women Federated, was peaceful. Protesters chanted “four more years,” “USA,” and “God bless Trump.” They also cheered upon hearing the news of the Capitol in Washington being stormed by protesters.

I personally know many of the members of West Orange County Republican Women Federated, and am repulsed and appalled if the report of cheering is accurate. A lot is left out, or implied. How many cheered? Who cheered? Were those who cheered members of the Republican Women? Were those who cheered adequately informed of the looting of the Capitol? Were any members at the Trump rally in Washington? Did any members join in pillaging? [Note: see a response from Nancy Hathcock, President of West Orange Republican Women Federated, in the comments to this article.]

Ordered liberty is a bedrock of our republic. Ordered liberty does not countenance the leader of one branch of the federal government urging its supporters to physically attack another branch.

An election is coming up to fill the seat vacated by now-Congresswoman Michelle Steel on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Democrats will take advantage of the events in Washington to throw shade on any and all Republican candidates, including my own preference, John Moorlach.

Republicans face a lot of house-cleaning and tent-mending*.

President Trump lost the election. Yesterday, he lost the country. He should go. Now.

January 8, 2020: According to Fox News, President Trump’s pick to chair the Republican National Committee, has been unanimously re-elected to serve another two years. In her prepared remarks published today, she condemned the violence at the Capitol and stated further:

While we all are disappointed about races that we lost, we also saw important wins for Republican candidates across the country. Contrary to what every political pundit in the Beltway Bubble was predicting and not so secretly hoping for, no Blue Wave materialized on Election Day.

As we learn every election, candidates matter, and in November Americans elected Republicans with compelling life stories to the House of Representatives. Young Kim and Michelle Steel were both born abroad and knew each other while raising their kids here in America. They saw firsthand how Democrat policies of high taxes combined with crippling government regulations were crushing small businesses and the American Dream in their Southern California communities. They realized they couldn’t afford to sit on the sidelines, and this week they became the first two Korean-American women to be seated in the United States Congress.

For Americans who are sick and tired of hearing about AOC and the rest of the Socialist Squad, we have good news.That’s because we have now have our own squad, the freedom squad, made up of people who know firsthand the perils of socialism in practice.People like Nicole Malliotakis, Carlos Gimenez, Maria Salazar and Victoria Spartz, who will be on the frontlines defending freedom and standing up to Speaker Pelosi’s extreme agenda every single day.


  1. I applaud the comments made by Nancy Hathcock. Yet, I think we should wait until all the facts are in about identifying the persons who “stormed
    the Capitol”. I too do not support violence ,but in this situation ,it looks like ” more meets the eye.”

  2. What reporting from any mainstream media vehicle can you trust? From the beginning of the Trump Presidency the left and the Democrats have been trying to hurt him and get rid of him. And why? He has done nothing to earn this except that he’s not an inside player and now he’s exposing where the true traitors to America are. If you’ve ever been to any trump rallies, there is never any violence or disruption and there are hundreds of thousands of people there. No one is interested in the tactics of ANTIFA or BLM on the Republican side. We believe in law and Order. What happened at the capital was instigators and professional rioters who want anarchy and some Trump supporters who got caught up in it. And after they identify the leaders and instigators, you’ll see who is who. I heard the President’s speech and I heard no call for “ storming” the Capital” Remember that millions of Americans see what’s happening before their faces, and feel the evil and darkness of the in coming administration along with the socialist personalities in the House and the continued tolerance of the anti- semitism in Congress period. What’s wrong is right now. We’re in the upside down while people jockey for political posturing and favor while they turncoat against a President who has accomplished so many good things for America. I don’t condone any violence but yes we’re still watching as ANTIFA and BLM continue with their burning of cities and this Administration admits they’ll be treated “ differently “ and they surely are. There is darkness under Pelosi Biden, Shumer, Harris and others so pay attention as your rights, and America slip out from under you because there is no as brave as Trump is to point them out.
    Thankfully God is still on the throne to bless and protect America.

  3. In my 93 years I’ve endured many Presidential elections, but never seen any candidate so mistreated and/or misunderstood as President Trump. When the opposition went so far as asking “when was America great” as President Trump pursued “make America great again”. It makes me wonder what they consider as greatness. I find it most interesting how he kept so many campaign promises, yet received no credit for being upfront and honest enough to make such promises and pursue their fulfillment. It appears that being a politician and attempting to be honest in your communication is so revolting to the opposition that they are forced to deny any truth they disagree with. I’ll not live long enough to pretend to understand the things that the “swamp” want to support and encourage. They appear to represent those who choose to deny the truth in what’s happening all around them, Only the supremacy of our God who is always in control and in charge of all happenings in this world and the next can encourage and support the honest, believers in our declining, wicked world. Praise our Lord for being in control with His love and forgiveness available to all.

  4. Violence is never acceptable., neither is breaching of the Capitol. There is no justification. That is why it is important to know WHO these few were. The media loves to exploit events. There were thousands who PEACEFULLY protested an election where there was plenty evidence of fraud. When NY, Minneapolis, Portland, LA and the Federal Court House was under attack Joe Biden whose website for campaign donations was tied to antifa and BLM who committed actual vandalism, arson, defacing and destroying businesses and property and violence never said a word. President Trump came out told everyone to go home said he understood why they were upset but asked them to be peaceful, and that message was censored by Jack Dorsey on Twitter. The people who committed this crime and it is a crime should be punished. However to blame thousands and thousands of supporters who were peacefully protesting, and demonizing them is equally unacceptable.

    Biden stated if this had been BLM the outcome would have been different. For close to nine months the criminality and chaos caused by BLM and antifa was treated differently. Antifa took over Portland with a separate area called CHAZ, BLM was rewarded with murals in New York City and an entire square named after them. It wasn’t just cities and businesses synagogues and churches that were destroyed but monuments on federal property federal court houses, and police stations abandoned. Where was the equal condemnation and outcry when the capital was under siege during the Kavanaugh hearings, not to mention when BLM/antifa attacked the White House causing injury to 60 Secret Service agents? In spite of the fact that many community members everywhere participated in protests in conjunction with BLM and antifa, that were violent for months, no one labeled all Biden supporters. On the contrary, everyone stood united regardless of party in condemning the bad actions of some police officers. Yet, only Democrats demonized and judged all police officers and demanded that they be defunded, including Biden, Who later changed his mind when the polls showed that wasn’t a popular stance. President Trump and President Trump’s supporters have always stood for law and order. That is why the police unions endorsed President Trump. To label all based upon the acts of a few or some whom we do not yet know whether they were agitators or others is also wrong.

    President Trump has called for “healing and reconciliation,” while today Biden invoked Nazi Germany comparing those in Congress and any supporters of President Trump to Nazi propagandists, all for seeking what all Americans should want—the integrity of our election now and going forward. There is no moral equivalency to the Holocaust. Today many Jewish group’s condemned Biden’s remarks.

    People have often judged style over substance choosing to focus on nicknames President Trump had for political opponents; all while ignoring 47 years of Biden‘s actions. Yet, when a president-elect calls half of America, “bad people,“ “ugly people,“ “chumps” “The dregs of society,“ and today’s new low of comparing all Trump supporters to other vile names, he has invited a dangerous reaction to the civil liberties of all Americans. Social media companies are now blocking and shutting down freedom of speech of people, (including President Trump) and employers are targeting employees based upon their politics. Yet while all Americans condemn violence, there is no one to declare, “ I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it.”

    If one is to be consistent with the principles of our founding fathers, all sides should be called out for their criminal or wrongful behavior. The Republican Women’s Federated group, members of the GOP, and people worldwide whether Democrats or Republicans who support President Trump should not be vilified for the bad actions of some.

    If unity is what is sought, then let unifying actions speak louder than divisive actions and words.

  5. Filiinos love President Trump. he is the only American sitting president who gave the Filipino WWII heroes the Congressional Medal of Honor after waiting for 72 years!! All the democrats PRESIDENTS felt the Filipino vets were not worth it. The FILIPINOS is not an invicible race like the bad mouthing Dems tell it because we are not represented politically except for my friend Brunswick Ohio mayor Ron Falconi. All those who bad mouth our great president Trump (most are envious of his wealth and strong mind) should try living in third world countries where if they persist, they will get assassinated. I am living the American Dream as an immigrant from the Philippines coming here as a teen. I fear God so I refuse to join the millions of unhappy lot hurling bad words hoping to feel happy. I learned dignity and encouragement with kind words from my parents and I have respect for God.To reiterate FILIPINOS LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  6. MY NAME IS GALE STODDARD, I am the voice of the Filipinos and I was speechless at your joining the Godless masses putting down president Trump.In third world Countries like the Philippines, anyone who talks bad about their president is assasinated. You should be thankful that you and millions of people who badmouthed him don’t live in those countries. I don’t like to backbite people, it is a sign of ill upbringing and no faith. People talks bad about Pelosi and Hillary and Maxine Waters, but I don’t join them. One of these days, they will be facing Our Savior and have to answer for their mortal sins. Talking bad about other people shows that person is terribly unhappy and makes herself feel good by uttering unkind words about a person.That has become the norm in this country, the media, Hollywood, God less cities,and that bad actor telling president Trump to kill himself. As a mother I would commit harakari if I had a son that talked like that. Thank God my children are all perfect because God is our number one priority. Yes even in this unpredictable times, I have no fear, I am no longer doing 200 shows a year for the Southland retirement communities as a musical entertainer but God is taking good care of me. I have a wonderful son who brings me groceries every other day without my asking. I have a daughter who takes care of my financial obligations.I live comfortablein a five bedroom house. I have three grandkids(scholars) in private universities on the dean’s list. If I didn’t have these perks, I would be out there badmouthing a president blaming him for my miserable life. I don’t do that because I am a God-fearing Filipino immigrant who came here as a teen now living the American Dream. For your information: FILIPINOS LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    1. If Trump is so popular in the PI, then his presidential library can be located there. It won’t be welcome in any major city in this country. That is assuming there is one after everything in the White House gets shredded to cover-up his amoral behavior and crimes. He has a few mortal sins to answer for too, let’s start with adultery and murder.

  7. Those people, who stormed our Capital Building were not all Trump supporters. Some dressed like one, but they were Intifada group came to cause problem. Those whom were peaceful should of watch the process. Special when so many of us were not allowed to watch the election process with the counting. I hope this negative comments will stop with the new administration, since their wining was nothing more, than peaceful. Eva Weisz

    1. The Intifada is the Palestinian uprising against Israel. try Google before you post. This just in: QAnon Shaman Among Arrestees. A stay at home dad of five children whose wife is the breadwinner. New ad in local Florida newspaper: Help wanted, full time babysitter. Look up QAnon while you are on Google, too

  8. Ms Henderson,
    It is a well known fact you hate (really hate) President Trump. So your editorial is not surprising.
    A MAGA Trump Supporter
    (Who will be spending the weekend with other Republicans at various pro Trump rallies)

    1. Author


      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      I dispute your assertion that it is a “well known fact” that I hate President Trump.

      I deplore his bullying. I loathe his name-calling. I lament his picking fights with people who should be his allies. I bemoan his self-centeredness and shortsightedness. I object to his inability to keep focus on policy goals, when he is even able to articulate policy goals.

      Mr. Trump has greatly harmed the prestige of the office of the President of the United States, and deeply wounded relations between the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch of the federal government.

      But I do not hate him.

      I applaud his judicial nominations. I celebrate his recent successes in negotiating Mid-East peace agreements. I have been heartened by his support of the pro-life movement. I held out hope for immigration reform that came to nothing.

      Certainly, I am happier that Hillary Clinton lost than that Donald Trump won.

      Equally certain is that I am unhappy that Joe Biden will be inaugurated in two weeks, and with him Kamala Harris as vice president.

      But I will channel my unhappiness into more positive pursuits than attending rallies for a lame duck president whose inflammatory speech led a mob to invade the Capitol. The ensuing violence caused the death of four people (including his own supporters and a Capitol Police officer) and injury to dozens.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

    2. Trump train still going strong!!!

  9. There are 74 million Americans out there that will never vote for another Democrat as long as they live. I hope they will also make sure that their children aren’t indoctrinated by UN-American Socialist teachers. We’ve all gotten the wake up call. I’d just like to thank President Trump for making sure that Hillary will never become our President, but we all know he’s did far more than that. He’s been the best President in lifetime.

  10. After a year of watching Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs kill, burn, maim, vandalize and loot, China Joe Biden finally found protesters he didn’t like: TRUMP SUPPORTERS!

  11. RE violence in DC……ANTIFA. I’m not a conspiracy nut. Did anybody notice the helmets and body padding? Did you see the pallet of bricks that was staged there as there was at various ANTIFA riots? Have you seen that on ANY of the dozens of MAGA rallies over the past 5 years? How about the hundreds of them across the country? Can you spell Rent-a-mob?

    1. Yes Bruce you are a conspiracy nut. The two women that were killed in the Capitol insurrection were avid Q-Anon followers, Trump voters. Who cares about MAGA rallies of the past, these creeps carrying MAGA flags and weapons into the Capitol were trying to overthrow one part of our government and they were incited by the President and people speaking in the Senate and House that perpetrated this Stop the Steal movement. Go back to Parler where you normally comment.

  12. Thanks to our outstanding President Trump, who will go down in history as one of our nation’s greatest presidents, we know for certain that Washington, D.C. is a swamp filled with creatures from both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

    Where was all this outrage when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were rioting all over America including DC?

    I have supported President Trump and continue to support him. I hope he gives the Republican Party the heave-ho by starting a new party. He would have millions join him. If he stays a Republican, I hope he forces the RINOs to leave the Republican Party.

    God Bless President Trump!

    1. Please do form a new party and put that effort into high gear. Have this new party develop a bias against Catholics along with every other group you don’t like. This new party can consider taking the name, the Know Nothing Party-II. The regular Republicans, now smaller in number will be happy to fall back to their roots when Barry Goldwater was in politics. Take Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley with you.

  13. I’m not buying this fake outrage by any Republican.

    1. Author


      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      If you are directing your distrust over-broadly at all Republicans, you have missed the mark if you meant to score against my remarks. I am not a registered Republican.

      Neither am I a registered Democrat.

      Nor Libertarian.

      I am not registered with any political party, although I am registered to vote.

      As with the debate among the Founders regarding the adoption of our Constitution, I believe that we create a better solution when the arguments of all are listened to and carefully considered. That approach resulted in our current Constitution plus the Bill of Rights. Anti-Federalists pushed until the Bill of Rights was included.

      Please reconsider your blanket rejection of outrage from Republicans.

      As for some who insist that the Republican Party is now “the Party of Trump,” I think Mr. Trump shot that meme full of holes on January 6, 2021. If you remain a “Trumplican” after the mob looted the Capitol at the instigation of Mr. Trump, you have transformed the federal government into a cult of personality.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  14. Dear Shelley,

    On Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, West Orange County Republican Women Federated held a peaceful “Stop the Steal/Recall Newsom” Rally at the Los Alamitos/Seal Beach border. At the height of the event, we estimate 500 people in attendance. From In-N-Out to St. Cloud, the wide sidewalk was thick with President Trump supporters waving American flags, Trump flags and homemade signs. Across the street, there were more peaceful Americans doing the same.

    If a handful of attendees among the hundreds of people at the rally cheered the violence, you should not chastise or condemn everyone at the rally. Those who heard the comment were shocked, not cheering. Republicans are the party of law and order – always!

    West Orange County RWF condemns all forms of violence!

    While on the topic of condemning violence, let’s remember that Democrats were quiet for months when Black Lives Matter and Antifa were in D.C. and other major cities burning, looting and destroying. Months! Within hours yesterday there was universal condemnation of the violence, which many witnesses say was the result of Antifa infiltration of Trump supporters.

    In or out of the White House, West Orange County RWF plans future rallies and events to show our continued support for President Trump. Many Trump supporters view the GOP as now the Party of Trump.


    Nancy Hathcock
    Proud President
    West Orange County RWF

    1. How many witnesses, other than the Q-Anon crowd, say that Antifa infiltrated this riot? Everyone that was killed and the expanded list of those arrested range from your basic Trump supporter, like yourself, all the way to the Proud Boy anarchists. I have not seen a profile of anyone arrested so far, that matches your description of Antifa. The Antifa/BLM crowd purposely stayed away from this because they knew the Trump crowd would make complete idiots of themselves by vandalizing the Capitol. They exceeded all expectations. BLM and Antifa did not try to overthrow the government and harm people in the process of protesting. Vandalism and Sedition are two different crimes. Law enforcement spent months investigating looting and arrested everyone that could be identified. The Trump idiots that ransacked the Capitol were stupid enough to take selfies and videos and post them.

  15. Spoke to a few friends who were at the rally and they said hundreds were at the rally and most had no idea what I was asking about when I asked if people cheered the violence. Yet you make it look like everyone was cheering. Were YOU there? The media is so biased against President Trump that I don’t trust the OC Register reporting, but you do.

    I am a very proud Trump supporter and am only planning to remain a Republican because it is now the Party of Trump. You can chastise all you want, but millions support President Trump and millions will continue to support President Trump even after election fraud results in dementia Joe Biden being sworn in.

    I expect better from the OC Breeze.

  16. Just who are these “Republican Women”? Let me share part of an article that appeared in The Hill on 1/7/2021, just one day after pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol Building and vandalized it, just like looters did during the riots last summer:
    President Trump was met with cheers on Thursday when he called in to the Republican National
    Committee’s (RNC) winter meeting, according to a Washington Post report. Calling into a members-only breakfast on Thursday morning, the president apologized for missing the meeting, but insisted he wanted to speak. At one point, someone in the room reportedly yelled “we love you” as the president spoke.
    The last time I checked the Chairperson of the RNC is a Republican woman. I assume that meeting was attended by many Republican women. I think
    some of the cheering heard on the recording of the phone call from the President was coming from Republican women. I bet they would not like to be filmed doing that.

    I don’t want to hear any rationalization of what is going on with Republicans, men or women. Many of these Republican women probably joked about what happened in the Capitol building on Wednesday, traded text messages with photos of some idiot sitting in the Speaker of the House’ office. Real funny Republican women. This was sedition and it was planned, and indirectly enabled by anyone that supported President Trump.

    Yes one of those Republicans on the conference call, it could have been a Republican woman, yelled to the President of Sedition, “We Love You”!!

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