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Healthcare workers union endorses Katrina Foley for Supervisor

The National Union of Healthcare Workers announced its support for Mayor Katrina Foley’s campaign for Orange County Supervisor. Foley is seeking election to Orange County’s 2nd Supervisorial District, in an election that will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

NUHW President Sal Rosselli released the following statement announcing the endorsement:
“On the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Katrina Foley will fight to protect public health, expand and improve health and mental health services, and keep our neighborhoods safe. Mayor Foley has a record of standing up for frontline workers before and during the COVID-19 crisis. We trust her to do what’s right for her constituents and communities. On March 9, please vote for Katrina Foley for Supervisor.”

The National Union of Healthcare Workers comprises more than 15,000 members, including medical technicians and technologists, clerical workers, psychologists, pharmacists, housekeepers, dietary workers, nurses, nursing assistants, drug rehabilitation counselors, mental health clinicians, engineers, and many others whose hospitals and clinics rely on them to provide top quality care and service.

NUHW is the nation’s fastest growing healthcare union, and is dedicated to the following principles: A strong union is led by its members; Worker power is the foundation of a just society; Quality patient care requires that caregivers have a voice in their workplaces and are protected from retaliation; Healthcare is a human right.

Working together, NUHW is committed to expanding health care access, improving patient care, and defending the right of all workers to earn good wages and feel secure in their jobs.

Katrina Foley is a community leader, successful businesswoman, mother, wife, and attorney who became Costa Mesa’s first directly elected Mayor in November 2018. Foley also served as Mayor in 2016-2017, and has served Costa Mesa as a City Councilmember or Mayor for 12 years. Previously, she served on the Newport Mesa Unified School District Board of Trustees for 4 years.

As Mayor of Costa Mesa, Foley fought for and secured emergency financial assistance and loans for local small businesses struggling to keep their doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership helped many businesses, including South Coast Plaza, find creative ways to safely reopen.

Foley is President of The Foley Group, PLC, which is located in Costa Mesa after 20 years in Newport Beach. In 2001 and 2004, she was honored by Women in Leadership and the National Association of Women Business Owners at the annual Remarkable Women Awards event.

Foley is a Head Start graduate who obtained her BA in English at UCLA and law degree on a scholarship to Seattle University School of Law, where she was the Chair of the Women’s Law Caucus.

This article was paid for by Katrina Foley for Supervisor 2022.

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  1. Another union endorses a Democrat. This is not news. Unions Love Democrats because they make sure the lazy workers get the same pay and benefits as the hardest workers, opposite of private sector.

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