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Lakewood Mayor speaks about Capitol riot and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In his weekly video on behalf of the entire Lakewood City Council [see below], Mayor Todd Rogers speaks about what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and about the upcoming national commemoration of the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The right to protest is inalienable and part of our nation’s DNA,” says Rogers, “but violence, destruction of property, and attacks against our core institutions and the men and women in law enforcement…wherever they occur and regardless of who commits the acts…are not acceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

“I feel very fortunate to live in our diverse community of Lakewood where we have many more common values than not…and where civil discourse still prevails. I want to say thank-you to everyone in Lakewood for that. I pray that others throughout our nation will follow your example.

“Speaking of following a good example, in these harrowing times, I can’t think of a better American role model for all of us to be remembering and looking up to right now than Dr. King.

“Dr. King was a champion in the struggle to achieve long overdue civil rights throughout our nation for African Americans, who in the 1950s and 1960s were still being denied those rights in many aspects of life in our country. But despite the most egregious of transgressions that he fought against, he always did so as a firm believer in the moral and political power of non-violence.

“On behalf of the City Council and the people of Lakewood, I have signed a proclamation honoring Dr. King. We are also including links here to Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and documents below that summarize his philosophy of non-violent action and communication.

“I encourage our residents to listen to and read these treasures of American history. This can also be another important step toward furthering the goals of our Community Dialogue, to build on all the good in Lakewood, and to make our city the safest and most welcoming place it can possibly be…for everyone.”

Lakewood Update 1-16-21 with Mayor Todd Rogers from CityTVLakewoodCA on Vimeo.

The article above was released by the City of Lakewood.

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  1. Thank you for representing Lakewood, I’ve lived here (14) years now and it’s been beautiful. Then came the Pandemic, and now we live in a changed world. Then the violence from what happened at Capital Hill, so much division among us. I haven’t encountered any negativity in our city thus far. Thank you Mr. Mayor for your kind words,

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