Lincoln Club of Orange County

Lincoln Club of Orange County calls for Newsom’s resignation as unemployment fraud soars

The Lincoln Club of Orange County today called for the resignation of California Governor Gavin Newsom over his gross incompetence and failure to oversee unemployment funds for Californians who desperately need a lifeline during the pandemic. The State today admitted as much as 27% of all unemployment claims paid, or $31 billion, may be fraudulent, with some of the funds going to organized crime organizations in China and Russia.

President of the Lincoln Club of Orange County, John Warner, said, “It’s no wonder criminals from China and Russia have stripped taxpayer dollars from California, Newsom has been busy protecting his own interests. He made sure his companies received millions of dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program but small business owners and the many truly unemployed are left to fend for themselves. The incompetence and negligence of his administration is jaw-dropping.”

He continued, “Californians deserve a Governor beholden to the families not special interests. It’s clear Newsom is unfit to lead and should resign immediately to prevent further damage and losses.”

This article was released by the Lincoln Club of Orange County.

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  1. Get him out.doesn’t care about anything but himself.just like the rest of his family tree

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